Games 4 Girls

Truth be told, this might not apply to very many Game Maker users, and probably not nearly as many GM News readers, but in any case it is important to announce the annual G4G (Games For Girls Competition).

In the Games 4 Girls Competition, teams up to five college women to create computer games specifically designed to be fun for middle or high school age women. The entries are judged by professionals and high school girls. Award for the winning team is $1000 per team member; for the second and third place teams $500 per team member.

This competition is exclusively for Game Maker created games, the instructions are as follows:

  1. Form a group.
  2. Dream up your game.
  3. Find Faculty Advisor.
  4. Submit your application for G4G by filling out the online application form by January 19, 2007.
  5. Download Game Maker from and start your project! (If the full version of Game Maker is required for your project, contact us for a registration key.)

Its unclear, but almost sounds as though they will provide you with a Registration key if one is needed for your Game Creation. So no guarantees, but if you’re a girl who hasn’t registered GM here might be your chance.

So please if you know a girl who likes games and game making, don’t hesitate to let them know, and get your sisters involved to, its a great competition and will hopefully promote video games and game creation to teen girls and women who would normally not have the opportunity or motivation to participate in such events.

– pythonpoole


4 Responses

  1. I never thought I’d see someone pay out thousands in a Game Maker contest. But hey, it might generate more female interest in game making.

  2. Im not a girl, though I do belive sobody should send in a bloody shoot them up, why? because just to show that girls can like that kind of games to, i mean seriously, its for high school girls, high school girls can easyly like the same games as guys, its not like its 5 year old girls and your making barbie party super ride, I mean COME ON!

  3. Maybe not Somebody, but the fact is Girls in general (I hate to be stereotypical) tend to like puzzle and word games much more than guys, and shooters and fighting games much less. So, I agree that it would be nice to see more active participation in game creation from the female community, but chances are they are not going to want to make a shooter as their first choice.

  4. Not so much that either, but think about the age range. You have to get someone who’s BOTH into shooters AND not intimidated by the idea of programming them.

    There are plenty of girls who are into shooting games and there are plenty of girls who program, but both behaviors usually develop at university, not high school.

    If you’re older than that, think about how confused you were in high school and how desperately you tried to ‘fit in’ with your classmates and how they probably picked on you anyway. Your geeky high school girl is probably afraid to *admit* she likes gun games in case people call her weird. People are most sexist when the hormones first kick in and they’re trying to figure out what it means to be a man/woman.

    If you’re reading this and you’re a 12-yo-boy and don’t know what I’m talking about, imagine this instead: You’ve probably played Mario/Yoshi games and liked them. Now imagine that there’s a game-making contest at your school. Are you going to enter a game with cutesy little baby dinosaurs and happy bouncing flowers? Or are you afraid that people would call you gay if you did? You’re much more likely to submit ZOMBIE BIKER DEATH SQUAD.

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