Long lost hidden GM features

Here is a list of 10 things I bet you didn’t even know existed in Game Maker and half of them could probably save you a couple of hours of work time in the future.

  1. In the room properties window, you can hold control while right clicking on an instance and click “Creation Code.” From there you can set specific creation code for that instance of the object you selected. So you can put two instances of the exact same object in a room and give them each different creation codes to execute on room start.

  2. Using the same method above you can select the toggle menu item “Locked.” This will let you select instances that you want to prevent accidental changes to for example accidently deleting it. So if you have a room where you want to delete a lot of one object but keep a few selected ones, you can lock those and go delete crazy without worrying.
  3. Again using the same method, but selecting “Send to back” or “Bring to front” you can alter the appearance order of the instances in the same location so one appears in front of another. This is especially good when you have two instances on top of another and you want to change a property of the one underneath (or delete it) without having delete anything on top of it.
  4. In any code, script, or game information window there is an icon/menu option for “Goto line.” This is especailly useful when you have large blocks of code and you need to jump to the line where an error occured and don’t want to have to spend time scrolling and checking the line numbers to find the right position.
  5. You can use the keyboard shortcut combination: CTRL + F6 to switch between GM windows like ALT + TAB does with Windows applications.
  6. In the sprite editor, instead of clicking the eye dropper tool to find and select a colour and then going back to the tool you were using to draw with that colour, you can simply hold control and move your mouse to the point you want the drawing colour to be, left click once and let go of control and the colour will change as you wanted, without having to switch back and forth between the draw and eyedropper tools
  7. When coding in GML, when you reference a resource name (e.g. a sound, object, font, room, etc) you can click the name and press F4 to instantly open that resources property window
  8. There is no need to “Drag and Drop” you can just right click the action icon you want to add to the event and it will instantly jump into position for you
  9. You can use the GM manual/help file as an internet browser and visit the GMC wihout wasting window or taskbar space.

  10. You can save and open GML code to and from .txt files into the Execute Code editor window by right clicking anywhere in the textarea and selecting open or save accordingly

Another interesting fact: The variable gamemaker_registered is built into Game Maker, but it doesn’t get color coded as a constant, and no reference in the manual is made to this constant. It will return whether the game is running/built with a registered/pro version of Game Maker or not.

– pythonpoole


13 Responses

  1. every one knows that read the manual

  2. Half of those features aren’t even mentioned in the manual, jake. Did you read all of them?

  3. I knew most of those, but they are still good to know. And i assume the registered thing is for making a tutorial engine.

  4. Decent list; kudos.
    I know most already, but 1, 9 and 10 are new to me.

  5. I know almost all these, only 7 was new to me.
    But 5 and 9 aren’t things of Game Maker, just Windows features…

  6. I didn’t know 5, 9, and 7. Cool list though.

  7. I didn’t know #5. I do know the far more obvious and popular ctrl+tab which does exactly the same thing.

    Chronic wrote a nice explanation about instance creation code:

    gamemaker_registered is used in the registered features particle demo of Game maker. I’d say that would hardly be a place to have a long lost hidden feature.

  8. I’m alone: I didn’t know about any of these.

  9. I knew all of these except #5 and #8.
    Creation code 😛 lol that I’ve known for a waaaaaay long time 😀 It isn’t long lost or anything 😉

    Nice article by the way. Cya sometime!

  10. I know most of em. Creation code is da best! 🙂

  11. Just #7 is new 4 me.
    Good to know.


  12. Creation code is god’s gift to me. It is extremely useful!

  13. noo 7 is the only thing i dint know
    besides almost everything else is not hidden because
    their accessible by right clicks, and there is a
    info at the bottom of the room object editor


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