GMA Sneak Peak

Rhys, Roach and Cynical, the administrators of the Game Maker Awards annual event have decided to leak out some top secret information on what’s to come for this year’s awards ceremony.

They plan to have the Awards system up and running by early next month. They also let us know that voting and nominations will all take place right from the GMA topic in the GMC Community forum, and a simplified voting system has been put in place so users can simply access their hidden ballot by copy-pasting a link.

The ammount of voting categories will exceed last year’s count and will probably add up to a total of around 30. Winners will receive the usual signature banners applauding their award and the right to the title of being an award winner. If there is enough interest and funding generated from website advertisements, there may also be cash prizes.

If you want your website to be advertised on the GMA official site, it will only cost you a dollar [USD], and the amount of traffic you would most likely receive makes that money well spent. It also contributes to prize funding, so please help out if you can and contact Roach here with your 120×120 pixel advertisement and your $1 donation (via Paypal).

More news on the awards are still to come, stay tuned for more sneak peaks and information leaks.


5 Responses

  1. Too bad my project won’t be ready for this years GMA… ah well, I’ll just win the dutch Make-a-game contest then 😀

  2. Whooo! I wish I could post a banner…

    Anyway, I hope my game wins something!

  3. If you want to post an ad, PLEASE tell me now. Thanks!

  4. Cash prizes eh? Spiffy.

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