Extension Builder Released

As promised, Mark has released the new Extension Package Builder software that enables devlopers to create extensions for the next version of Game Maker, version 7.0.

The Extesnion Package Builder can be downloaded here: http://www.gamemaker.nl/extensions/emaker.zip

Mark warns that you should read the entire license agreement before using. He also recommends that you thoroughly test and check you extension packages before releasing them because Game Maker will not have any advanced error detection for problems in extension packages and any errors may simply cause abnormal behaviour in the Game Maker software.

A screenshot of the interface:

On a side note, the interface actually resembles my trashed eXtender program somewhat, which is neat.

At least this is a good move in the right direction. The whole reason I developed eXtender is because I could see right from the start that the extension mechanism was going to be too complicated for a lot of people to use, especially those who are just trying to make a simple lib for other users.

– pythonpoole


4 Responses

  1. Is this the final version or is this a beta version of the Extension Maker?
    With that I mean, can I start making extensions for real now that will be able to work with the final version of GM 7.0?

    Looks nice, seems a bit easier than the lib builder.

  2. it is beta 2
    game maker 7 is not out yet

  3. I think he was asking if he could start making extension packages with confidence in knowing that they will work in the final version of GM7, or if he should wait until later to start building them in case there are any more changes.

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