Extension Mechanism Re-work

Mark has announced that he will complely change the Extension mechanism for GM7 Beta 2 and the final version. Yes, that is correct, there will be a second beta before GM7 is released.

Some of the new features include:

– Extension packages will be (somewhat) encrypted
– A package can contain multiple files (e.g. both DLL and GML)
– A package will come as a single executable that must once be installed by the user
– After installation it will consist of just three files: description, help, data
– There will be a program to create these packages with (no more editing a gme file)
– GML script can have variable arguments
– Internal and external name can be different
– call convention set for each function in DLL
– Constants can be hidden
– …

This is not so great for me (pythonpoole), because I was just about to finish a project I was working on which enabled users to easily create extension packages (for the current beta) through the use of a GUI rather than the complex description file building.


– pythonpoole


5 Responses

  1. Nice news, especially the announcement of the encryption. I already worried that this feature wouldn’t be implemented because it has some really great advantages compared to the old lib and gml/dll mechanism.
    But this rework and another beta version will surely shift the release of the final another few weeks.

  2. A new thing for Steve to hack 😀

  3. Well, you had it coming. Mark said not to make any big projects yet, because he was going to change it.

  4. Nice to see that Mark still edits some stuff to make a better product. Too bad for you though Pythonpoole, I suggest you wait till the final release.

  5. You could expect the extension mechanism to change. You just started too early creating an extension builder.

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