GMC Marks Million

As if releasing the GM7 beta just recently wasn’t enough, the GMC is now flourishing with


With nearly 40,000 members, the Game Maker community is expanding everyday with as many as half a thousand users on the forums at a single time and thousands of posts made every day.

Mark has recently upgraded the forum server to handle many more MySQL connections and users on at one time, but will this be enough? The forum is already showing some signs of returning to that unforgettable Server Busy error. I guess only time will tell.

What are your thoughts on the continued growth of the GMC? Do you prefer it as a small community forum with a few posts a day, and where most users know each-other, or one like the GMC where help and opinions may be more readily available, but your individuality is lost in a swarm of 40,000 id numbers.


14 Responses

  1. While 40,000 is a lot, there are only a few hundred members who are regularly active, so I think there is still a community feel, as well as the advantages of a large group.

  2. Only a few hundred? More like a few THOUSAND. There are several banned accounts, along with accounts that haven’t been used in over a year. Delete them or something. Save bandwidth.

  3. There are enough smaller non-official forums where you can socialize with fellow Game Makers. The official forum is made to help people with building games, nothing more, nothing less. And that’s fine with me!

  4. Here to another million

  5. Well, on the one hand a nice thing. On the other hand the enormous size of the community destroys the “we-feeling” of the community. It’s more like a bunch of kiddies with strong elbows and an exaggerated self-esteem, with a few clever people between.

  6. WOW, i just go to check.. now theres only 963661.

    That goes to show how many posts moderators delete.

  7. @comspy: Actually it shows 1039426 posts for me.

  8. :S

    964712 for me o_O

  9. ???

    WOW, thats.. odd

  10. wow alot of people! but at least your questions get answerd and i have seen that ulgy busy message yet again so i think that there will be another server move very least that that the GMC is not getting hacked like it was.

  11. Personally I am in favor of continued growth of GMC because it will continually attract very talented people into the pool and the kiddies will either learn their stuff or simply drop out in favor of becoming famous rock stars with their Walmart aquired instruments…and that’s possible believe me !

    Also,it will continually attract the interest of commercial entities willing to contribute some $$$ to developement…Game Maker University and help with marketing venues for Indie game designers.

    Keeping things close and ” in the family”
    When was “incest ever a Good Thing?”

    The growth of GMC should NEVER mean to lock out people that want to learn and contribute.

    Even 1 crappy video game design can teach at least 6 important media industry skills !

    There is at least 50 more waiting in the shadows !! GMC helps people be the best they can be in a 10 Billion Dollar Industry and growing !

    Growth is painful…..just like a company’s growing inventory or payroll.

    But…it can be a very good thing.

    I think the interest in GMC is there…the question has never really been do we need to keep this small and stagnent….

    The question has always been…how do we raise the funds needed to support this community?

    You know I’m right…
    I think the community will help…truely I do.
    Ask the community….we will do something…
    right or wrong and that’s better than nothing at all.

    Glenn Garrison / for GS Technologies

  12. Hm…a lot less than 1 million.

  13. This is weird, it seems to go up and down thousands every day. I suppose a few thousand posts must be deleted due to pruning (sp?) rules each day, and then a lot are deleted from mods. But yeah, it seems to vary a lot.

  14. Is this a hoax? GMC is nowhere near 1,000,000

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