GM to Xbox360 Hoax

Jaylon, a member of the GMC previously known as fasco made a false claim today on the GMC. According to him, he was able to play any Game Maker created game he wanted on his Xbox 360 without modification. All he did was:

[he] plugged up the controller to [his] comp and made the controls and burned the game to a disk put it in [his] xbox 360 and it actually played!

Topic found here

Not surprisingly, newbie Game Makers were quick to assume he was telling the truth despite the obvious inconsistencies and lack of evidence and began to argue with me when I gave reasonable evidence against the user’s claim.

When asked for a picture or video as evidence, he responds stating he dropped his camera and it doesn’t work now. How people continued to believe him after is story made even less and less sense, is beyond my comprehension.

I guess when the little guys get all excited and hyped up about something like this, they completely block their mind to the other side of things, i.e. considering the (obvious) possibility that the guy is lying to attract attention and there is absolutely no evidence supporting his story.

I posted a few times in the topic in an attempt to get the hypnotized newbies to try and wake up and smell the coffee and actually take a look at the evidence.

It wasn’t until moderator Yourself arrived at the topic that it was finally closed, and officially deemed fake.

– pythonpoole


6 Responses

  1. Shame… poor igorant little souls!

  2. What some people do to get some attention

  3. I think it’s stupid and very sad that he did all this for attention.
    I wasn’t about to believe him until he gave a picture or proof of some sort but it seems really silly he thought he could get away with it.

  4. Although it is obvious, I think it is fun and funny to see them actually believe it.

    I think he argued with you to not spoil it. 🙂

    But, it is debateable wether or not he should tell them the truth. I don’t know.

  5. The funniest is that all these idiots say “I knew this was true” or “I’ve done this before too” because they want to seem smart becaues they think it’s possible, so they pretend they’ve done it too.

  6. It surely wouldn’t work without modification, but it’s not implausible. The XBox is little more than a PC with custom components. Yes, it has DirectX.

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