Beta Released

Mark Overmars has officially announced the Beta of Game Maker 7.0

I am happy to announce that the Beta Release of Game Maker version 7.0 is now available through page

Please carefully read the page before downloading and testing it. Please note that it will only work for people that have a registered version 6 installed on their computer.

Please report bugs in the way indicated on the page. Don’t do this in the forum.

The most important improvement in the extension mechanism. This will lead to a large number of new possibilities of Game Maker during the coming months.


But as mentioned by one poster, if you try to run it on an unregistered version, it will simply close itself.


Pythonpoole: I’d just like to add something if its ok with you. Note to all users: It says on the BETA you are NOT allowed to release/distribute any games created with the BETA! So you must stick to 6.0 or wait for the final release before distributing your game.


16 Responses

  1. Awesome, it’s about time. Although, I’m wondering when Mark will fix a small error in the help file. It mentioned that support for 3D models will not be added. Now that they are supported, by is that bit of false information still present? Hm…

  2. Nice cant wait until the final version

  3. Nice thing! But the banner in the left bottom corner of the IDE irritates me. I hope it will be gone in the final Pro version.

  4. I think it will be removed: Mark announced in his website that it is only for testing and in this test version a little banner will be shown. Or that the light version of gm7 has the banner and the pro not.

  5. I think it should stick to registered and unregistered not lite and pro

  6. I like lite and pro

  7. Really?
    Lite means a smaller version
    Unregistered means a free version
    Pro means a more expert version
    Registered means a payed for version
    Unreg and reg is more acurate

  8. What about LimeWire for example?

  9. what’s LimeWire?

  10. Finally! Hope it’s gonna be worth the waiting 😀 Downloading now!

  11. w00t w00t w00t im soooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!1 i kinda like the little banner in the corner

  12. Oh btw, I’m sticking to GM 6.1, not 6.0 as said in the post 🙂

    Can’t wait till January!

  13. LimeWire is a download program like Bearshare, Kazaa and Shareaza.
    You have LimeWire and you have LimeWire Pro (who costs money).

    You can share your files with the other Gnutella users (Gnutella: system of sharing files which can be accessed by multiple programs). The files will be uploaded only when someone downloads it.

    Anyway, enough about LimeWire.
    GM7 Beta dissapoints me, there are just too many bugs which I found already that will appear only on my system (XP Home Edition) but on the other hand, it has some really handy functions I needed.

  14. “So you must stick to 6.0 or wait for the final release before distributing your game.”

    GM 6.1 is also fine I suppose.

  15. We will wait for final release….

    I’m biting my lips to bleed !!

    But in retrospect….how many times have I been through this with Microsoft ?????

    Too many !

    I’m Loving it but I am patient …

    I HAVE TO BE in general…my wife is Japanese!


    Glenn Garrison / for GS Technologies

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