General Update

A new way to measure signatures on the GMC for violation, this Firefox plugin makes it easy to measure the size of any sig in pixels.

Today’s GMC tutorial
It has come to my attention that some GM users are complaining their PM box is full or near full, but they don’t want to delete their PMs incase they are needed in the future / because they want to keep a record of them. I’d just like users to know about the GMC’s archive PM feature that not everyone seems to know about.
– Go to your PM control panel
– Click “Archive Messages” found in the menu
– Use the following options: Inbox, All, And Newer, 50, Yes, and choose your format
An email will be sent to you with all your PMs and your PM box will be cleared up!

Moderating Staff
Poetkathi, a local moderator at the GMC, has made a statement about the purpose of the FAQ forum and emphasizes that it is not a forum to be asking questions in, it is a forum to post examples made in a specific format designed to answer common “How do I make/do/program…” type questions. This has been the result of many users (according to the mod, about 90%) not using the forum properly, and moderators having to consistently scan and review endless posts containing questions from people who failed to read the forum’s description. [ See Post ]

It’s that time, time for a GM7 beta really soon. Expect a beta in the next couple of weeks between now and Christmas. Get automatic, up to date information on whether the beta has been released by installing the Scorptek Google Gadget.


2 Responses

  1. A question about the Google Gadget: Please can you make it so the link to the story opens in _blank rather than using JS to open a new window?

  2. Hmmm… PM box is 70% full… maybe it’s time to use that procedure of yours 😀
    Great update!

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