File Sizes Double

Mark Overmars has recently announced that Game Maker 7 executables will have double the base file size in them. In other words, the minimum file size for a Game Maker executable will now be over 2 MB in the next version. Luckily the file-size does not grow proportional to size of the game. As quoted below, a 10 MB game will only be increased by 1 MB in file size, however for smaller games and applications, the 1 MB increase may be significant.

[…] only the base file size will increase (from 1MB to something like 2MB) . So a 10 MB file will now become a 11 MB file.



A 1 MB increase isn’t that much, and is probably not something to be concerned about for programmers with bigger games. However, for users creating applications/programs/plugins/minigames in Game Maker, they will probably want to keep the file size as low as possible, and this probably wouldn’t be good news.

– pythonpoole


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  1. Hearing that news made me decide that for my big games I will use GM7 and for my programs and minigames GM6

  2. I was worring that I would have to transfer everything to stay with the version but other people will probely have the same idea as I did

  3. Jax, as far as I know stucking using GM6 has one big problem: GM6 isn’t Vista compatible, while GM7 will be.

  4. Well, thats good to hear.

    Think of all those people on the GMC that wont download games with a bigger file-size then 1.5MB…

    Now they have to start on 2MD at least…

    Maybe they will notice that good games arent about file-size

  5. This news is older than a month.

    Anyway, people want more and more features in GM. But this can’t be archieved when they also want smaller file sizes, because the program code for the features must be stored somewhere. So it’s not such a surprise that the next GM Version produces bigger files.

  6. The Google Gadget is down?

  7. @skinhead, don’t think so, I’m not reporting any fault in the Google Gadget. It’s possible though the server was in the process of being rebooted or was temporarily down for servicing while you were trying to use it.

  8. So thats waht I meants

  9. I made a 1 room, 1 unactive object and 1 empty sprite game
    on 6.1 it was 1 Mb
    on 7.0 it was 2.2Mb!

  10. With the new developements in GM7, perhaps
    the trade offs are porpotional to the larger

    Still, small game designers will not really
    need to fret about it too much because the resources required to run their game will not tax today’s computers in the least.

    Certainly I would urge even small game designers to give GM7 a shot, because of premiums that come with developement and enhanced features.

    My overwhelming concern is with those of us that like to tackle large RPG progects. The file size becomes a concern with Game Maker because the way it loads and utilizes resources.

    These type games must be run from a launching console easily designed with Game Maker,and possibly split into chap1, chap2, etc. but for games that fall into the dark zone of 14-30 megabyte in size there is a sleep period for loading that makes the user think that the game is Non-functional due to load time.

    I’m not sure if “data streaming” philosophy is appropriate with Game Maker due to it’s architecture, but we may do a special blog about resource conservation and it’s advantages to the Game Maker users. We do have some tricks.

    I am concerned about the larger .Exe footprint.
    As a positive result, it will train designers to use clever resource management skills…it will train graphic enthusiasts to compare compression formats and room experiments. It also will help to disipline audio to MP3 and Midi to encourage file management size and reaping the most rewards with total dependability.

    As any Hardcore Game maker Enthusiast will tell you…Bring it on !! Game Maker is Awesome !!!!

    Glenn Garrison / for GS Technologies

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