Orange Overmars

Mark Overmars has recently announced on the official Game Maker site, that due to massive spam problems, Mark’s contact email needs to be changed once again.

This time however, it is not the usual @wanadoo, but a new domain:

The new email can be found here

A strange choice, but nevertheless it will hopefully reduce spam drastically so Mark is able to respond to more of our real questions.

On a further note Happy Belated Birthday to Game Maker!

Version 1.1 was released to the public on November 15th, 1999

– pythonpoole


2 Responses

  1. Yes, I know these problems with spam myself. These are hard times for earnest people, but we have to make as much traps as possible for email spammers.

    As for Game Maker: Happy Birthday! 7 years of Game Maker! although it’s only 3 years for me 😉

  2. Orange is the company that bought over wanadoo over here in the uk (and across europe). So it is not a strange choice at all.

    For more information look up orange broadband in google.

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