Hazmat Spam 2.0

Hazmat, a member of the GMC has posted a really disgusting and outrageous topic in the community forum. It reads:


In case some of you have forgotten, I am the legendary spammer Hazmat, except this time, my fellow raped friends have returned. In case you forgot:


By giving away free copies of the popular program called ‘GameMaker’, Mark Overmars tends you to believe he is doing you a favor, while in fact, he slowly but surely tries to attract you into his sneaky hands. His last and final master-plan is actually to seduce you and let you walk right into his evil sticky web; mind, sexual interactions may follow if this may happen to you.
So, the question should not be “When is the new GM version coming out?” but “When will I be next?”.

He got me, now I have AIDS and am dying. I really need that $20 now.

Now, I have decided to show you all some proof of my attack:

He then includes a picture of an anus [removed] that was actually hosted on a medical site.

Why won’t this guy just find somewhere else to spam?

UPDATE: Hazmat has signed up many accounts. He has also started posting the same topic in multiple forums accross the GMC board. He is also using a proxy to mask his IP.

– pythonpoole


15 Responses

  1. I don’t get it, I thought you wanted no comments before.

    I got nothing to say, but just ignore it poole… Because soon it’ll be gone and yours is left…

    – Toon-Master

  2. Comments were allowed again since we have the Hazmat situation under control. At least for the time being.

  3. I thought he was banned. Or did he make accounts like Hazma7, Hazmat101, etc?

  4. What a fantastic time for a mod to NOT be on. 😛 Good thing they reacted so quickly.

  5. Whoa. I would be sending that guy virus’s like crazy. There are more than one way to get someone like that. Find their email address, and on the internet there are people that will find something for you, like detectives, and then track the email, as they are super highly trained, and give him a dose of his own.

  6. Sry for double posting again, but I just checked the member list, and he registered 2x in 8 minutes, apparently, and yesterday.

  7. Well, some guys simply don’t have anything better to do then to bug other people.

  8. Stop glamorizing him.. if the kid gets attention from what he’s doing, he’s going to keep doing it. If he’s ignored, he’ll eventually stop.

    My advice to you: Remove this topic and quit talking about him entirely.

  9. If you are right, why did you bring this topic up from the dead again, a more sensible choice would have been just to contact me personally 😉

  10. this guy’s obviously using the program. someone should tell him we use game maker… not gay maker.

  11. Good one bgrey 🙂
    People like Hazmat show how imperfect the human being is sometimes… How pathetic can you get?

  12. I’m Speechless, tottally speechless
    This is the first time I’ve heard of Hazmat but I’ll bear what I’ve heard hear in mind if I come across him in GMC.
    I can’t believe that he tried to make Mark Overmars seem like that.
    It’s just wrong

  13. I’ve done a search on the members list and he isn’t there as Hazmat anymore.

  14. I quite frankely don’t get it.

    I personally believe that you should remove these radical statements as they are totally out of context with this website’s intentions.

    Is the intention of this website pornographic?

    The achievements of Mark Overmars are brilliant
    no matter what his orientation, and who should give a rat’s ass? Excuse my English please.

    I surely would encourage you to axe this commentator’s statements.

    It’s totally NON ESSENTIAL or PRODUCTIVE!!

    Glenn Garrison / for GS Technologies

  15. Could someone give me proof of his silly antics because frankly I don’t believe it

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