GM Attack – Again

On Tuesday evening, the main Game Maker page at was attacked, changing the font, altering some of the text, and inserting a virus-infected i-frame into the page. Mark has since removed the problem.

This virus doesn’t seem to have affected Firefox users, but perhaps you should scan anyway. Better safe than sorry, as the saying goes.

The main discussion can be found in this topic:

(I realize this news is a bit old, but oh well)


7 Responses

  1. I was on the website a couple hours ago and my computer is acting stupid 11:57 PM Nov. 7 do you think thats whats wrong? Probly not but I’ll scan. Thats sad that someone would go so low to insert a virus into the GM site. What do they have aganst GM?

  2. Again? Mark should put a IP scanner so that he could find out who is doing this and give it back to them… Only in lethal dosage.

  3. That’s very evil,
    first then
    Well, at least Mark can fix this problem,
    shawn64 can’t.

  4. Ridiculous I tell you!

  5. Dude, the guy probably has a random IP every time to logs on. Mark wouldn’t do that, he is a mature adult. He would probably contact the authorities though.

  6. Who the hell hates GM so much, I’ll bet it was the same person who attacked the forum some time ago.
    BTW, what does the virus do?

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