Unfor7unate Delay

Game Maker 7.0 BETA has been delayed until December as announced by Mark on the GMC:

 There has been some delay in the beta of 7.0. Please be a bit more patient. It is now planned at the beginning of December.


On a side note, Scorptek is undergoing some major changes in the way it functions. This includes a complete makeover of the Scorptek website, new quality products and services to offer, the opportunity to join the Scorptek team as a volunteer or a paid worker, and more!  These changes will be ongoing and probably won’t be publicly announced / visible until December.


12 Responses

  1. This is just F’ing great!!!!! /sarcasim
    Why does he change the date all the time!!!!!
    God. I dont trust its coming out in December. Cause then it will turn in to January and so on.

  2. It’s good he delays it when he knows he needs more time. At least better than releasing half-done work that needs to be fixed several times.

  3. Well that sucks. On the otherhand this means he will have more time so he can make it better.

  4. Ok so why don’t u spend all your time making a great program and then giving it away shure u sell some but compared to a lot of jobs out there you wont make much
    don’t complain would u rather him release it now and have tons of bugs in it and some of the new features don’t work

  5. The real problem is that if it isn’t out and stable by the vista launch, we’ll be a little bit screwed, since GM games won’t run…

    for many people this won’t matter, for the GM shareware devs it will.

  6. I bet its coming out somewhere in January.

  7. Saw that coming.

  8. y what happenen and will we have to Pay a gain

  9. well at least it will FINALLY be compatible with WINDOWS VISTA! gosh i use windows vista rc1 on my computer and i try game maker 6.1 and it doesn’t work!

  10. Don’t blame Game Maker 6.1. to be incompatibel with an opeating system which is released nearly 2 years after Game Maker 6.1.

  11. Hey, GM7 is coming soon! Haha. For me, this is happy news. (I’m not very up-to-date with the GMC :D)
    *Excited to see it*

  12. I Don’t have vista but I can’t wait till GM7 is out because from the BETA version it looks amazing

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