Mark puts stop to emails

Real news:

This month, the Game Maker Company stopped using the default Game Maker email due to excessive spam. From now on, you can only make contact through the  Game Maker official contact page.

According to Mark, he will no longer accept questions about:

– Created Games
– Game Maker Registration
– The GMC
– Using Game Maker
– The next version
– Links on the site
Through the contact page, in fact the contact page is only to be used for:
Official information
Education information
Contact about illegal use (Including questions about copyright)
The GM Book
Unrelated Funny News Headlines I found:

(Click to see what they’re really talking about ;))
Game Maker Sues Nintendo – New York Times
Game Maker Bringing Flash-Lite Games to U.S.
Game Maker sues over nude volleyball
Game Maker faces £315m suit over murders
Game Maker: Don’t Take It Seriously
Game Maker Faces $500 Million Suit
Game Maker Unhappy With Play On Gates’ Xbox
Audio Game Maker: game building environment for the blind


5 Responses

  1. It’s rather sad that Mark has to do this…

  2. Indeed. Those headlines are funny though.

  3. Mark Overmars is still excepting questions about Game Maker registration provided you have read the FAQ:
    This news is 2 weeks old by the way.

  4. He shouldnt have to do this freakin spamers need to take a hike.

  5. Even though this news may be a bit old, at least we are now being informed of this. But I guess spam has its toll on people.

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