Unusual Uses of GM

As we probably all know by now, Game Maker is often not used for Game Making. In fact as the days go on, more and more users are moving into application / utility development (including Scorptek) rather than game or interactive, entertainment based programs.

Sometimes though, even the programs users create with Game Maker are very unusal, not something you could find at your local computer shop. Just today I used GM to create something that fits this description quite well. Basically my Server is connected to a whole-house audio system, and we recently disconnected our fire security system service within the house. So I decided to make use of GM and build an


With Game Maker 6.1. What does it do you may ask? Well, depending on the argument given on execution, the program can perform various tasks, such as 1) Test the alarm system (Reads a “This is a test” message, and continues with a 15 second alarm pulse), 2) Sound a severe weather alert alarm 3) Announce a complete system shutdown 4) Sound Emergency Evacuation / Fire Alarm.

I have now interfaced the program with my home automation system, as a result I can now sound the alarms and do periodic tests from any computer in the house, outside the house, and through any landline or mobile phone. I even have it set up to test the alarm system once a week to ensure it works correctly.

You can download the .gm6 here

I don’t know about you, but this is a fairly odd creation from a “Game Making” tool; what have you made thats “unusual” in GM, or what GM creations have you seen that have struck you as been odd, or non-game related?

3 Responses

  1. Uhh… strange.

  2. woh, awesome dude. You must be pretty skilled.

  3. Interesting… good Idea, i think i will interface with my speaker system… i was using C++, but that is to complicated and recompiling every time i make a small change is annoying. GameMaker will be very easy on the other hadn and more maintainable. I never even thought about using it, but it will work so… 🙂

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