Interesting Numbers

Some people like statistics, so this post is mostly for them.

As some of you may know, the United States of America just reached (approximately):

300, 000, 000 (300 Million)

People today!

 Some other interesting numbers:

    The site reaches over 81,000 hits since march, and
The Game Maker main site has a whopping 5 million and counting hits since march
The GMC forums have a total of nearly 925,000 posts
There are almost 36,900 registered members on the GMC
The novice forum on the GMC has a total of about 160,000 replies
That works out to an average of about 4 and a half replies per topic
At one point in time this month, the GMC had over 320 users online at the same time


3 Responses

  1. Looks like someone has invaded the GMC with Ctrl+C 😛

    Well, personally this feels like pretty boring information… Not much of news.

    By the way, (more eh cool information!) Sweden has got over 9,000,000 inhabitants! Yay!

  2. Game Maker’s success is phenomenal, nobody can argue with that.

  3. Sweden:
    410,934 sq km
    9,016,596 inhabitants

    The Netherlands:
    33,883 sq km
    16,491,461 inhabitants

    The US:
    9,161,923 sq km
    298,444,215 inhabitants

    I have even more statistics about countries 😛

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