GM7 EXE to gain weight

According to Mark Overmars, the executable files produced by GM 7.0 (pending beta & release) will be considerably larger than those of the previous 6.x and 5.x versions. This apparrently is due to making the executable compatible with the Windows Vista Operating System.

In response to users upset about the larger size, Mark says “But I don’t understand why people worry. We all have 100GB or more harddisks. Even a memory stick is now 1 GB.” He also backs up any argument made about download times, apart from saying we all have much faster internet connections now-a-days anyway, he also goes on to make a statement, “if you zip the executables, the new larger ones will zip to the same small size.”

Mark is confident in what he is doing, and we should all respect that file sizes for most programs will continually to grow and grow in the near future as hard disks get bigger and bigger. Even though it would be nice to have smaller executables of lets say 500kb, 3MB for a large game is still a respectable number compared to those on the market today.

On a side note, Mark also mentioned the extension mechanism is only used to Add Functionality to Game Maker executables (i.e. increasing file size), not subtract from them / control the functions used in the run data, etc. So unlike some users were suggesting earlier, you won’t be able to choose packages of what GM functions you want to use that would reduce the potential file size and increase the speed of the program. That of course, is for the time being, nobody knows what may be the case in the future versions.

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  1. Good article. I don’t think there is much to gripe about.

  2. yeah I don’t think we need to worry. As long as the minimum size is still something below 5 mb I’m fine with it. And i’m sure it will stay under 5mb

  3. yes, don’t worry about the filesize. 10mb for a blank game are the maximum.

  4. I have some big gripes about this:
    “Faster Internet connections now-a-days anyway.” Mark although this is what every one thinks I am a webmaster with the data about 3/5 have high speed, and 2/5 have 56kb speed or less.

    Mark, I think it is great that you want to update to meet Vista OS one of the resource hog operating systems ever made. I have the beta copy and I hate is so much. But, it is nice to include 64bit systems I must say that is great.

    But, here is the thing that bugs me the most. Whenever there is a game maker upgrade it takes out another class of users that can play the games. Because game maker loads everything regardless there is no setting to stop it.

    My old games from GM5 worked great on loder systems. After GM6 was out it halted a lot of my systems just about every p1, p2, p3, even some p4 computers will no longer run the game unless you buy an upgraded hardware and maybe some other things as well. With GM6 I can’t make any games at all for this systems.

    Why dose it not work? Because game maker loads every thing, all of the code for every game. If it uses it or not.

    NEWS FLASH: Make it so you can have backwards compatibility. Have an option to load only what it needs to load for the game, on a 32bit system. Leave out all of the 64bit code and all of that filler code that never gets used and dose nothing.

    Game Maker should only load the code it needs, there is NO functionality in having code that is NOT used, and sets a standard that BLOCKS users. (That could other wise run the game)

    All, that needs to be dose is a option to have Game Maker load 32Bit code only, 64bit code only, or both 32bit & 64bit code.

    This this will make file size smaller, games compatable with the main group of 32bit users, and make games run faster because there is less code needed to run a game.

  5. 31337@ what about a big file size with both 32 and 64 bit in it? that GM will automatically identify and use.

    anyway, i don’t care about the file sizes, i care about my dad’s internet bill (it has a data limit)

  6. Hey,

    I am really excited about the GM7 release, and that us who are registered wont ave to re-register. File sizes, who cares if they are a bit bigger! I have a 200gb hard drive on my desktop, and on my laptop a 20gb, and ive used only 4gb. If t makes it work with Vista, by all means do it! I have 256mb RAM on my laptop, and 2gb RAM on my desktop. That is plenty. It doesnt take more memory, right? And, if you have a grudge about the larger file sizes, you can always stick to GM6 and 5.


  7. “My old games from GM5 worked great on loder systems. After GM6 was out it halted a lot of my systems just about every p1, p2, p3, even some p4 computers will no longer run the game unless you buy an upgraded hardware and maybe some other things as well. With GM6 I can’t make any games at all for this systems.”

    Come on, that was necessary to make GM hardware accelerated. GM6 would run fine on a P2 or P3 as long as they had a graphics card. Computers without graphics cards are not computers made for games, and thus, should not be running them anyway.

    This is like complaining to id software or the guys who make the Unreal engine that their engines keep getting more complex, and your computer won’t run them. What are we supposed to do, stop at one point in time and never make any advancements fromt hat point on?

    31337, you really should brush up on your knowledge of computers in general before you rant about “backward compatibility” and all that nonsense. With the added functionality comes added filesize and hardware requirements. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. It would have been impossible to do MANY of the things GM6 does in GM5 without adding hardware acceleration (read: without upping the hardware requirements).

    If you don’t like it, then just don’t use it. No big deal.

  8. Remember that decompiling problem with GM? If that is fixed, nobody cares about the filesizes

  9. Er, what?

  10. Yes it will be fixed.

  11. Let the Game Maker gain weight … But hope executables be thinner …

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