Digg the Design?

Well, every once in a while, Scorptek feels its good to kick off with a new theme, just to spice things up. So the question is do you digg the change or do you prefer it the other way? Comment with your thoughts, lets have an informal poll.

In terms of Game Maker News, you can grab yourself a copy of Mark and Jacob’s game making book on eBay for about $20 bucks, pretty good deal, found here

Here is a quick thought, if you’re trying to measure how popular your topic is and give it a standardized rating to compare to other topics, take the # of views, + add it to the # of posts and divide the resulting number by two. If the views or posts is over 100, use 100. For example, a topic with 95 views but only 2 posts has a rating of 48.5% (a failure). However a topic with 32 replies and 120 views will have a rating of 75% (pretty good).

Find-a-noob guideline (Top Ten Countdown)
10 – Uses 🙂 multiple :O emotions 😐 in a single 😦 post
9 – Uses ALL CAPS or CAPS  in uNusUal PlAces
8 – Their post says “Title says it all”
7 – Their spelling is poor, and not because of a second language (eg. wat up gm doodes)
6 – They spell it Gamemaker, not Game Maker
5 – They use incorrect forum terms, e.g. Forum for Board, Sub-forum for Forum,  Article for Topic, Message for Post/Reply, IM for PM etc.
4 – They use incorrect computer terms, e.g. my processor has many mega bites of memories
3 – They use Excess!ve punctuation!!!!!!11111 o-noes!!!!!
2 – They think a good excuse for posting a topic twice is “I’m posting this again because my other topic was locked”
1 – They want to make an MMORPG to show their teacher tomorrow


5 Responses

  1. And you’ll see most of us contain n00b-actions once in a while =D (final smiley of this message).
    I think that saying “YaY!!!! First post!!” should be in the top 10.

    Otherwise, good list.

    I’m not sure if I want to buy that book because I don’t know the level of coding that will be used.

    And i’ve never thought about rating topics, but what if everybody keeps to that rule and goes on to the next topic, who should post exept for spammers and/or the topic starters?

  2. Yeah, the new design is cool.

  3. I’m liking the new design. Great work!

  4. I liked the old design better…
    Acctually I think I liked the first design most. 😛

  5. In that top 10 list I still spell Gamemaker without a space but thats all I do.
    Oh noes my hardrives mega bytes has gone and creashed!!11!1! 😦 😦 😦
    But then the title says it all.

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