7.0 Beta soon

According to the Wikipedia, the first beta for Game Maker 7.0 is expected to arrive later this month; should be fantastic, can’t wait.

Note: You can automatically be informed about new Game Maker beta versions and releases, simply add the Scorptek Google Gadget to your Google personalized homepage. user posted image

On a side note, Mark Overmars has an enormous 63 page document up for download which is basically an extensive Game Design course outline (for a course he teaches at university). Whether you are teaching other GM users online, or at a school club, or just want to sit down and teach yourself Game Design, it is a highly recommended document to read over. It can be found here! (Includes a section devoted to Game Maker).


3 Responses

  1. Sweet!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait!!!!!!!!

  2. 75 pages for me ;). (Using OpenOffice).

    And err… Can’t wait for the beta i suppose…

  3. You know, I added that section to the Wikipedia article to reflect what Mark said. I’m just a useless Wikipedia-er.

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