Today’s GM Headlines

Happy be-lated Birthday to Mark Overmars, celebrating on the 29th of September

Also in the news, NeDolM, a GMC member, and head of the SubOS Dev community and news site was assumed dead (by suicide) on september 23, following a message left on his website; found here:

It turns out, it was a mis understanding, and he is in fact still very much alive as he explains on his forum earlier today (the first time he had made contact since the message):

I’m alive my friends

I wasn’t planning on suicide, SubOS Dev 2 IS NOT DEAD and NEVER WILL DIE.

I’m very very very very sorry to scare you guys…
Yes i wrote R.I.P The Don Emilio
But that just means a part of me died, the love of my life left me and without her i feel dead but i’m Physically still alive…

I had a huge fight with my girlfriend, i even had to change my status a couple of times on the site (have a girlfriend or not) she’s probably gone forever i hope not, but i’ve been waiting too long.

I should move on and that means get back to work on SubOS Dev 2 with all you great people.

Thanks everyone for your concern.

Also in the news, Scorptek is now providing quality Web Hosting services at very affordable prices. All plans include PHP, Perl, MySQL, 24/7 technical support by phone, chat or e-mail, free pre-installed PHP scripts, an advanced custom control panel, a 30 day money back guarantee, daily server backups and much much more.

Plans start at onl $3.95 a month and include 5,000 MB of storage and 50 GB of data transfer (bandwidth). Up to 25GB storage and 400GB data transfer is available per account (Corporate Plan).

For a limited time only, get a FREE domain when you signup for the Business or Corporate plans!

All at


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  2. I love the transition from dead guy to hosting =).

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