7.0 Coming to town!

Thats right, all this waiting has finally paid off!

Mark Overmars has announced that the next version of Game Maker to be released will in fact be 7.0 not 6.2 as previously thought.

And here is some more news for you, its coming to town with Santa Clause this December 🙂 !

Mark has announced some of the new features which include (but are not limited to)

– Many additional room transitions, with the possibility of defining your own
– A new extension mechanism that enables users to E-A-S-I-L-Y extend Game Maker to fit their needs with the ability to access many external resources such as the Windows API to display win32 dialogs etc. as well as direct access to the printer, and the ability for GMers to build more “extensions” for users to add into their program.
– A new and improved extended file inclusion system
– An improved splash screen system, allowing everything from static images to videos
– As well as many other bug corrections and small additions

Thats pretty awesome… just a couple months now.


11 Responses

  1. Thats sweet. But where did you get that? I checked on GM’s website, nada…

  2. Im looking forword to it!!
    Its gonna be awesome…

    @Sheik06: He got it from the GMC…

  3. Well nevermind I just saw the topic in Community. For those interested:

  4. Whoop-de-doo. New GameMaker. Yay. … NOT!

  5. Not fond of all this game making, huh?

    Anyway, sounds great! More presents hehehe! 😀

    I’m especially looking forward to the extended splash screens… the current ones are just to simple and small.

  6. Do you think we’ll have to purchase another registration?

  7. Mark already explained in a post on GMC, you won’t need to register again for 7

  8. it comes out in november!
    also you dont have to purchase another ragistration key, remember the 5 – 6 key convertor. now i have ALOT of lies to make, i used a keygen…

  9. WOW!!! Thats a gr8 news …

    Can you tell what features are exactly going to be new features???

    Some focus on “A new extension mechanism” please if possible.

  10. Trippin’…

  11. Great !

    Vers. 6.1 is really great now 7…luvin’ it,

    I’ve always felt the room transitions and room
    options were a little weak, looks like now there
    is a major fix.

    This engine continues to develope very strongly.
    My greatest hope that there will be soon,
    a stronger math processor to allow for many independent scoring options at one time and
    data streaming capabilities.

    The loading of large scale RPGS etc. becomes
    a strain due to the way the large footprint
    must load.

    Nevertheless…Can’t wait to start working with it. I think this is a very positive developement.

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