TurquoiseStar writes to tell us that the well known GMS (Games Showcase) site has been completly removed!

The GMS main page now reads:

The Games Showcase homepage has been removed and I want to tell you the reason here. Some years ago I had a competitor named GameRoom but it was hacked and as a backup did not exist I offered the creator of this site to be a part of the GMS staff… Later he created the GMS system together with Yako and when it was done he left the staff… Now two years later he comes back and demands the files deleted as he has reserved all rights to most of the files… He has now been banned and the GMS will be rebuilt so his reason for doing this won’t exist.
The games and screenshots are still present and will be available on the new system I am about to create. Also the forums are still open and can be found here:

Thanks for your understanding and stay tuned for a new GMS.

This is just awful 😦

One of the things they teach you in Computer/Information Systems class is about rights and licences. You should never work for someone (even informally) without setting out an official contract agreement which states your rights to your work..

In most businesses, when they hire a programmer, his work is subject to the contract the business made which usually means the programmer gives up his rights to the product, so he no longer owns it, nor controls it. He doesn’t have the right to use the code in another project or to distribute it or remove it (ie, this case), as far as the legal authorities are concerned, the programmer has never heard of his creation.

Too bad no such contract was put into place here. Indeed, if he still owns the right to the GMS site files, he does in fact have the right to (or forcefully get the people who have the files to) remove the files.


3 Responses

  1. that bites, i mean i enjoyed going on gms and looking at games…

  2. Ben, was “exterminated” really the right word to use, kind of makes it sound like a permanent thing. As snabela said, we’re currently rebuilding the site, with all games, members, and reviewers, still intact, the only unfortunate thing, is that no one knows how long it will take before GMS is back up

  3. That really is too bad… I can’t imagine what kind of an asshole would do something like that.

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