Extending Forum Does The Splits

Earlier today,

The Extending Game Maker Forum

( http://forums.gamemaker.nl/index.php?showforum=33 )

had some changes made to it.

Firstly, the name was shortened to simple the Extending Game Maker forum.

More importantly however, the forum was split up into 2 different sections.

The first (Main) Section will be used for showcasing your creations (Dlls, Libs, etc.)

The second section (otherwise known as the Extending Game Maker: Questions sub-forum) will be available for users to ask questions about extending Game Maker. Examples may include “Help, comparing Xtreme3D to GMI DLLs” or “Need DLL to interface with Microsoft’s fingerprint reader SDK”, etc.

For more information on the changes, refer to the pinned topics in the Extending Game Maker, Questions sub-forum.


7 Responses

  1. i dont like it 😦

  2. About time they did this…

  3. Yeah, this was sorely needed.

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