Secret Project 3

Yes, it is that time again, secret project time that is. But this time, its completly different, none of this plugin stuff I’ve been doing for my last projects. This is quite the milestone for GMC related products from Scorptek and we hope it will be as successful as it sounds. So far we have spoken to a select group of GMC users (who are sworn not to tell the secret ;)) And they feel the idea is absolutely fabulous, as do I, and the rest of the Scorptek Senior Management team.

All I can say this is by far the largest project of them all, and you should enjoy it to. You’ll be able to win real prizes from it, earn a reputation around the GMC and repay people for helping you with your game without any money :).

So hope you like it, it is still in the very early ages, however we have a pretty good idea of how the program will work.


9 Responses

  1. When do you think it’ll be done?

    It sounds like a good… eh thing. 😛

  2. Sound like my FF project…. The one that I probably won’t finish….

  3. I wanna know what it is…..

  4. Interesting. I can’t think of something that would fit the description. I’ll be waiting to see it.

  5. I hope “Real Prizes” doesn’t mean a half-baked sig addon 😉 .

  6. Hmmm sounds great and all, the thing that suppose to make me excited didn’t work. However I wish you good luck anyway.

    – Toon-Master

  7. well, another secret project. i hope this’ll be great and a real success because i love the rest of your team’s products

  8. So what’s the purpose of this message again? It’s not advertising… it’s just telling us about something which may or may not be finished. o_O

  9. Well, I released my project.

    It is kind of like the one described.

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