Serious GMC Issue

Just moments ago, a user (hazmat, who is now banned) claimed Mark ‘raped’ him (which is FALSE I may add) and created quite a topic that attracted hundreds of GMC users and included very very very strong sexual references and references to illegal activites such as rape.

A transcript of what happened has been provided by Scorptek,




Personally I reported the topic twice and sent an emergency email to Chronic (which I’ve never done before). This has got to stop, if Snabela hadn’t come in and closed the topic, who knows where it would have gone and what would have happened.


19 Responses

  1. It was a mess… I just don’t understand the fact that some had to reply to that topic when you just don’t. Esspecially Darktombe. If hazmat double post and we don’t reply, then 50% of that topic is cutted (a rough guess). Wasn’t there a setting that blocks that persons post anyway?

    Yeah it was bad… at least you didn’t put a award for this :).

    – Toon-Master


  3. I find it disturbing that people would relpy to a topic like that.

  4. “I find it disturbing that people would relpy to a topic like that.”

    How about post a transcript of a topic like that?

    Really, if the mods deleted it, do you think they did it for a reason?

  5. Weird guy…

    I mean, a member for more than a year, and mostly posting normal topics, and then suddenly out of the blue, he post this:
    And then he posts his last topic.

    Still, the weirdest thing is that he posted this topic just a few days earlier:

    Why the sudden change?

  6. Actually it took a while for the Mods to actually delete the topic, for some reason it was only locked at first, which considering the content within the topic isn’t exactly the smartest thing to have done, but I’m not complaining, and I’m not going to question the mods.

    The transcript is available for people who want an accurate account of what happened. Without accurate records, rumors circulate and it can just make things even worse.

  7. I’d call that password scam page a serious issue, this is more of a sick issue.

    Anyway, for the record:
    KC LC – Applied trash can to delete topic id:234063 – Aug 13 2006, 10:44 AM
    Chronic – Locked Topic – Aug 13 2006, 09:20 AM

  8. My theory? The guy that sent that PM to people about the ‘become a mod’ bull**** hacked hazmats account. Just a thought. :/

  9. Yeah I had that in mind too… as I commented in the Become a mod scam news.

    – Toon-Master

  10. Now I have seen it all.

  11. Wow, some strange stuff going on.


  12. Dude, you guys nailed it. That guy hacked my account. I admit, I was a little drunk, and I enetered the info on the page with the scam.

  13. Indeed, why would anyone reply to that topic! Those people are whack, and just as much of a nut as the topic’s creator, IMO.

  14. ladies and gentlemen, a perfect example on how stupid people can be

  15. Just use common sence and you won’t get into trouble.

  16. Indeed… Stupid Hazmat, I hate him!

  17. # Hazmat Says:
    August 16th, 2006 at 8:05 am

    Dude, you guys nailed it. That guy hacked my account. I admit, I was a little drunk, and I enetered the info on the page with the scam.
    I am not sure I’d believe this guy, but two problems like this occurring simultaneously seens interrelated. Hazmat, though, its your fault now and you are banned whether it was you or not.

    IDEA: Do not go on the internet or, respectively, near any computer, when you are drunk. It will lead to phishing, stupidity, and extra, well, stupidity.

  18. hazmat, ur full of shit
    that was sick thing to do

  19. I’m always drunk.

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