GMC Security Threat!

Be warned, a new security threat has entered the community.

ohnonotme writes:

Here is the key link: check it out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well first of all that is not the link it takes you to, that is just a cover up.. It ends up taking you o a site where you are then asked to input your GMC username and password to receive moderator status. It then says if you don’t give your actual GM password the process won’t work.


The web page users are taken to is here:


(You must copy paste, so that you actually stop and read the bold and understand that the site is phishing your details, mostly your GMC password.)

This could be the gateway to another GMC forum cracking, and could lead to some serious problems depending on who has actually put their details in doing anything to become a mod.


21 Responses

  1. There wasn’t the question “if” but only “when” phishing will arrive at the GMC. You should never give out any account information on any other page than the one you are registered with. It’s a shame how some people become so untrustful these days.

  2. I feel like making up fake usernames and passwords there heh heh heh. Thanks for the link… I didn’t know it happened.

    Anyway thats not what I’m going to say. The threat level is low because it seems obvious to be a scam… (talking through a guess throughout GMC). Maybe hazmat fell for it and was why he spamed lol, dunno…

    – Toon-Master (as PK_Ness)

  3. Anyone who falls for that deserves to get their account cracked.

    Anyone want to help me spam that thing up now?

  4. This couln’t cause as much trouble as some of the other hacks as only non-mods would be hacked so no real damage aside from spaming and/or some accounts deleted could surface.

  5. It’s common sense. Why would some random guy from the GMC need your password and username for you to become a moderator? Just report the guy and don’t post in his thread.

  6. You’ll be amazed to how many people on the GMC would do anything for such a status Takagi, including risking thier login/person details.

  7. I’ve put measures in place to prevent this with in the last 20 minutes or so, and would be greatfull if you could remove any links to the page incase someone decides to enter thier details in to it.

  8. I reported the page to the webhost. It should be deleted soon.

    Anyone else (bedsides Pyntix) want to help me spam it up while it is there? Just put in a mod/admins name, and any password you feel like!

  9. ari_aaron, just make sure you don’t accidentaly guess the correct password 🙂
    I feel kind of left out though; I didn’t get the PM.

  10. “I reported the page to the webhost. It should be deleted soon.”
    Er…. a few other people already did so. t3mp3st, Chronic, among them.

  11. Well, the webhost removed it now.

  12. i am ohnonotme and
    i was making them moderator on my site not gmc plus my forum uses phpbb and the passwords get encrypted so even if i was stealing the passwords(which im not) i couldnt!
    -please beleive me i wasnt stealing the passwords!

  13. well guess what you’re now officially retarded. Why would you need their GC username and pass if you’re making them a mod at your site?

  14. Why would he need ANYONES password!It’s not like he needs to get into their account to make them a mod is it?

  15. teeheehee
    If your gonna lie, at least make up a good lie

  16. im not liening i dont want them to become a mod on the gm i dont care what their password is im not a scammer! god im not lieing and if you dont believe me then dont go to my site i dont give a crap

  17. Well I don’t. Me great at bumping too. You should hold the retarded flag of Retards.

  18. I think I get what kraig is claiming. He is claiming that this page was signing them up at his forum, where he would then make them moderators. If it was powered by phpBB, then he wouldn’t be able to get access to the passwords.

    However, even though I understand what’s he’s trying to say, I don’t believe a word of it, and I think kraig should rot in hell for this phishing scam.

    Damn you, kraig, I hope you die.

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