10,000 hits and counting

This week has been milestone in GMNews history, we have reached 10,000 amazing hits thanks to all you readers :).

I was looking through the stats today for the first time and found some pretty interesting stuff..

Apparrently a German guy ended up here by searching google for:

59 new email proxy yahoo com 2007

and https://gmnews.wordpress.com/2006/07/05/exclusive-gm-awards/ seems to be a perfect hit, containing all of words searched for 😛 lol.

There was also another guy searching MSN Search for: exe decompiler
that ended up here. I’m kinda surprised I’m the number one hit for that on one of the most popular search engines in the world lol.

The most popular topic in the last 30 days has been GM6 EXE DECOMPILER

A few people have found this site searching for “Hacking GM5”, and even more from “hacking Game Maker” and “Game Maker source code”

On July 18th 93 people read this blog’s RSS feed, and 92 the day before that.

And just a day later, the blog got about 140 hits.

And finally, this blog was most active during the GMC hacking.

Thanks readers… for… ehm… hmm… reading 🙂

6 Responses

  1. Wow! Congradulations!
    I wish my site got that many hits per year…
    (Everyone, go to http://www.finlandgames.co.nr)
    (I know it doesn’t work lol)

    Well, we all want to know how to hack GM so we can know how God FredFredrickson made HT3D. (Just kidding…. well sort of 🙂 )
    But we have had quite some interesting subjects brought up here.

  2. Well, nice news. But seems to be a little bit too less for an international source of Game Maker news. For example, I have 866886 hits and 64407 visitors since february on a site which is only for german Game Maker users.

  3. Yeah, but remember your site has a bunch of different services offered from forums, faq, monthly game awards, online gm asistance for German users, etc. And because there is not much like it for the German community, you sort of have a monopoly as opposed to someone like me who is in competition with other sites.

    Also remember, my news site only started a few months ago, your site has probably been available for much much longer.

  4. To boost the popularity of your site, I put your RSS feed in a news box in the portal of the german Game Maker forums.

  5. Why thank you 🙂 That is very kind of you.

  6. I LIKE NUUTS!!!!!

    Um yeah that’s interesting how he was looking for something completely different than what he got…

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