GM Games on Macs, for real?

Posted by Zonk on Thursday August 03, @05:39PM
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Dotnaught writes “TransGaming Inc. is making its ‘Cider’ portability engine for Apple’s Intel-based Macs available to Windows game developers. The software promises to let Windows games run on Intel Macs without Windows or Apple’s Boot Camp. ‘Cider works by directly loading a Windows program into memory on an Intel-Mac and linking it to an optimized version of the Win32 APIs,’ the company claims. Cider is a software for game developers, not end-users. Cider-enhanced games are scheduled to appear as soon as October. If Cider works well, will there be any more Mac-specific game development? And if not, will it matter?”


This is from Slashdot, the article can be found here.


So what do you think? So much for telling all those noobs the olde No Mac, Windows Only story. On the other hand, I haven’t looked into whether this software can ’emulate’ or simulate a DirectX environment yet. We’ll have to wait and see.


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  1. “On the other hand, I haven’t looked into whether this software can ‘emulate’ or simulate a DirectX environment yet. We’ll have to wait and see.”

    Then how is this diffrent then all the other emulators?

  2. Its different because its not actually emulating anything, it is running the code natively. Plus, the Cider is packaged with your game, so basically the user doesn’t need to do anything on their mac but double click your windows-made GM game and all of a sudden its working perfectly, as if it was made for macs. Pretty neat how they did it, wrapping the API and all.

  3. Well, this only runs on Intel-Macs and not on the older ones. So you can’t say this works on any Mac, there will be again noobs asking why it doesn’t run on their Mac because they don’t have an Intel Mac. Besides, on an Intel Mac you can already use Boot Camp to install Windows XP and then you can play any Game Maker Game without any troubles.

  4. Yes, but mac users want to use Mac, not windows (or some both), but you arn’t going to get users to download Bootcamp and install windows just to run your game.. this way takes the Windows Game and basically spits out a mac executable that should run the program natively in its OS.

    Yes it does only work on Intel macs, but I disagree with your comment about how noobs are going to ask why it doesn’t work on their old mac, because as you should no, this is the same for all software written for mac, the binaries only work for one processor type, so if you develop a program for intel macs, its not going to magically work on old macs either,

  5. There are so-called “Universal Binaries” which contain PowerPC and X86 code, these work on both platforms. It would be bad if Apple would stop supporting the platforms which they sold one year ago 😉

  6. I guess nothing is impossible anymore.

  7. @ Windapple, they aren’t universal binaries. However xcode and possibly a couple of other programming language utilities now let you compile binaries for both PowerPC processors and Intel Pentium processors. But its not the same binary, these different processors can NOT interpret the same machine code.

  8. i agree with Finland Games… nothing is impossible anymore. heck maybe next year we wind up with interstellar travel for a buck/300.000kilometers? anyway back on topic 😀

  9. You’ve been able to run GM 4 and i think GM 5.3 on Linux with WINE, or so claims The Loon

  10. Yes, but what does linux have to do with Apples OSX? They are entirely different Operating Systems. The other good thing about this probject is that it doesn’t require another program like WINE to be installed on the user’s computer in order to run, in simple terms, its embedded with the program so the user can easily run on one click.

  11. This will emulate DirectX, and I have asked the company about pricing but they haven’t gotten back to me.

    I posted about this in the GMC a few minutes after the the public announcement, but it only got a few replies. 😦 Just doesn’t seem fair. But after all, what is a news site for?

  12. Everyone knows you can run windows emulators for gm…

  13. Its not a windows emulator abacus, please read.

    The person runs the program just as he or she would run a macintosh program. There are no extra programs the user needs to download or buy, the Windows API and DirectX wrapper are built right into your executable file. It runs at native speed, so there is none of the common slowness associated with emulators, it should be a huge step into the future for all gaming especially Game Maker (can’t tell you how many users ask if it works on Macs)

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