Quick Recap for July

Lets do a quick recap for Game Maker in July.

July 14th – Game Maker website updated with minor layout changes and fixes (first change in a while)

The Game Maker’s Apprentice out in stores!

Mark releases noticeboard advertisement for GMC users to take to local populated areas and post up for the public to see and to advertise the latest product addition to the Game Maker company, the Game Maker’s Apprentice book.

See advert here: http://book.gamemaker.nl/chapters/Advert.pdf 

The Game Maker website reaches almost 3.5 million page views and the book site nearly 52,000 page views, both since March of this year.


3 Responses

  1. I didn’t notice that the site changed but cool!

  2. They added the book stuff.

  3. oh duh i see it now thats changed alot

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