Lamest Post Award

Likumila074 writes:

Hello. My name is Ludmila. I am single girl. I wish to find the friend.
I post this message from it forum because I have no
any credit card to pay to the dating site.
I have some pics and i can send it to your e-mail.
I can’t post my pics to it forum. I am 32 years old.
I have blond hair, average body. I never be married,
but i want it some day. If any person have interest to my post,
i will happy answer to he, and send him my pics.
My personal e-mail address: .

P.S. I wait your answer, It is very lonely here.

I don’t know about you, but I think this guy.. ehm I mean gal, deserves the official GMC lamest post award.

If the post is still there by the time you get to it, the link is:


16 Responses

  1. This got to be a joke. A bad joke.

  2. Weird. I’m lonely, but she’s WAY too old for me. And I wouldn’t even think of it.

  3. To mageknight53: You are using the word “she” loosely.

  4. No offense, but how good looking of a guy does “she” expect to find on a programming forum? Seriously… Look for a date somewhere else.

  5. I don’t think “she” was actually looking for a guy, it was probably just useless spam that “she” thought was so very funny to post.

  6. well gotta say this….

    HAHAHA can’t stop laughing! no offense tho

  7. A stupid joke. Or gay or something of that nature.

  8. Ok this is a bad post congraduations poster (I say so what to this award).

    Now please don’t take this hard GMNews. Why are you talking about things that were deleted. Why do you want to GOSSIP about a post that was deleted. The post was removed for a reason, why is yours still intact your just recreating it on another site with reference to GMC. To laugh at the person and give her or him a hard time. You know that isn’t really fair to do that, it is a form of being harsh. The person can spam forever if he/she likes, but at least the person gets into trouble. I am going to say, talking about this in public is an offense, I am sure maybe this was meant for ‘if it is gone, it’s gone’ something like that. I say get over it, your just being a bully about this. Everyone doesn’t have to know this post. And offensive awards shouldn’t be allowed. It doesn’t deserve anything to do with some attention.

    So I would reconsider posting some important news, not stuff that leads to just insulting or talking about this post. Thats not news…

    And for the spammer, better luck next time…

    Appoligise for the way I disagree for your way of posting GM News Blog.
    – Toon-Master


  10. For once I agree with Chiken. The GMNews is worse than a supermarket tabloid. It should just stop. Now.

  11. No! Don’t stop! Those news are funny! 😀

  12. Very desperate to be posting on a site where 90% of the people are nerds.

  13. and think about the brains she had? didn’t she read that this forum is about game making? jeesh i heard of useless spam but this is completely new x_x

  14. Omg you guys 😛 It’s just a bot. Just google it and you’ll find the same post in many many other forums:

  15. hahahaha whoever made that spambot can’t speak English worth crap. “She” sounds like a wetback, lol.

  16. Well… Ludmila is a womens name. Russian name. And as you can see her email is on a russian site – I just checked if the site exists and yes, it does. It even has an email function and yea, I know russian so … Try to send her an e-mail lol. A shame this is one month old…

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