GMG 2Grand 1Million

Game Maker Games announces that they have reached:

2,118 unique visits today

and a total of  1,000,000  unique visits since thevery begining!

What an achievment, and so everyone else thinks at the GMG forum

located here at the Game Maker Games Forum []


10 Responses

  1. This is a lie, they DO NOT have 1,000,000 unique visits. They have 1,000,000 page hits. There counter can NOT count unique visits they just lie about it and say they are unique when they are not.

    I looked at there sorce code and checked it out, this is NOT true.

    To web sites unique visitors are only counted once; visitors can be counted more then once and are known as page hits. This is a very clear term used in the internet.

    To say a user is unique means they are completely new. If they are not new they are NOT unique and are called returning visitors. You can’t call them unique visitors because they are not unique to the site.

    Unique visitors measures exactly how many unique individuals go to a website. But GameMakerGames counter counts page hits and says they are unique, when they are in fact NOT unique at all and one individual can be counted thousands of times over and over. They have no code what so ever that can count unique visitors, only code for page hits.

    This is NOT true at all that they have 1,000,000 unique visits it is just a big lie!

  2. The definition of unique hit has been debated all over the world.

    Some believe it means hit per IP
    others hit per computer (using cookies)

    others think its the above in a combination with time, so for example every 2 hours the counter resets so a visitor who came earlier can be counted again as a unique visit the next time they come a few hours/days etc. later.

    Now, while I think unique visitors is a good count, I like to also see how my traffic is doing, and who is returning to the site etc. So using the timed method, in my oppinion is good way of seeing site traffic, and measuring how people actually like the site and come back.

  3. No they literaly have NO way at all to count unique hits, I can refresh the page each time with cookies and a static ip. I am a unique user each time.
    I looked in to there code and found nothing at all that counts unique visits only page hits, so they are not at all unique hits.

    This is not debated, it his how many unique individuals that visit your site. There is no room for debate.

    The only debate is what way works best for the accuracy. GameMakerGames just has a page hit counter they call unique hits, when they are not.

    Returning visitors are NOT unique visitors
    Page Hits are NOT unique visitors

    If you try and pass this off to lets say an advertizer they want to know the real true amount of unique individuals that see there ad. They are not going to be happy.

  4. Perhaps the code you are looking at is not to the counter they are using?

    Its quite possible they have a behind the scenes counter programmed in PHP using a mysql database to log the hits… which you wouldn’t know anything about…

  5. Think about it:

    If the forum has 1,000,000 unique visitors why do you think we have only 5,000+ users? There is about 200x more “unique visitors” then registered users. There is far more error then 10%. here.

    This shows that the data if fake. Because there should be far mor registered users, 200x 5000 users is a HUGE NUMBER!

    It dose not add up right.

  6. Yeah don’t listen to 31337, hes just a idiot who hasn’t a clue what hes talking about. 🙂

  7. Well, who the hell cares?

  8. Dub, I have been a profesional web develper for about 2 years and have worked with just about every code on the net, for well over 5. I have made counters like this, myself I know how they work. Also, I have been working with IPB since 2003.

    So, I think you don’t have a clue what you are talking about Dub.

  9. [quote]
    No they literaly have NO way at all to count unique hits, I can refresh the page each time with cookies and a static ip. I am a unique user each time.

    Did it occur to you that maybe when you refresh the page its really other people adding to the hits? If you actually took notice you would see that more than one hit is added sometimes since other people are viewing the site. And with 5 years of web expirience you should know that it is definitely possible to make a unique web counter.

  10. I think he is saying its impossible to make a true true unique counter since whatever yo do to try and count a visitor as unique, there is always away around it.

    If you use cookies, the user can erase them

    If you use an IP address the user may have a dynamic one that changes


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