GM Google Gadget

Yes its finally here, a new Scorptek Release.

This GM Google Gadget is a small module placed on your personalized Google page which contains many useful GM/C related features including:

– Game Maker News
Get up to date GM news feeds from Scorptek’s popular GMNews site. (RSS reader)

– GML Syntax Highlighter
Powered by Rithiur Scripts, this tool will allow you to colour highlight your GML code for use on websites and forums

– Search the GMC
Easily search the GMC using a Google powered engine, or choose to go to the GMC search page

– Search for a GM Game
Powered by Game Maker Games, this nifty search form will help you easily find the games and program’s you’re looking for.

– Upload / File Hosting
Easily and Quickly upload your GM files or screenshots/images to either TheFileBase or ImageShack right from your google homepage

– Check for GM Versions / Betas
Get up to date information on the latest official Game Maker release and any available pre-release beta versions that have been issued for testing purposes


Click  to add this gadget to your google homepage.


Be sure to check out the forum topic 


One Response

  1. Very nice post.

    About file hosting, i usually use to send all my files. I believe that is the best, but it’s my opinion, ehehe…


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