Steve, it was you?

Steve Rolfe (also known as Smarttart62) pulls his mask off and reveals that he was involved in the Authoring of the recently announced GM6 EXE Decompiler tool.

He posts in his blog:

As one of the tool’s authors i will mention some specific information about the tool in this blog post (while im supposed to be looking for information about bacteria… lol). The GM .exe Decompiler (named GMSE) is basically a work around to decompiling game maker executables. It involves a process in which we allow game maker to accept code we send to it. When it accepts the code it runs PURE gml to “extract” resources within itself. These resources DO NOT get added in a blank .gm6 document, rather just sit there extracted in its project’s folder. The current list of extractable resources are as follows:

  • Scripts
  • Object Names (To use an alternate method of hacking the GM .exe)
  • Sprites
  • Backgrounds
  • Paths

Please notice that this program has NOT been released to anyone not trustworthy of owning it. Currently 4 coppies of it have been released, 2 of them being the original authors (me and someone else). The other two people will remain anonymous for this article so we dont have 500 people pm’ing them for the code.


The entire “source” for this project has been released to Mark, and he has informed me that the security flaw will be fixed in the next version. So be sure to keep up with the GM updates!

Any updates to the program will be discussed here, however, i doubt i’ll be updating it. GMSE was a pure educational effort to prove to ourselves that GM was a hackable program without using methods such as decrypting the executable



8 Responses

  1. “3. If you know of ways to crack game maker games send me a mail to help me remove the problem. Don’t start posting about it on the forum. If you send me a mail you do the community a favor. If you post it (or even distribute it) you hurt peoples work.”
    Mark Overmars @ GMC.

    While I applaud that Mark Overmars has been informed of this why do you again decide to break Mark Overmars and others explicit request to not promote this information? My knowledge of the GM architecture combined with the info here tell me quite well how to do this myself. And thus, you do a lot of harm to GM because even though Smarttart62 and others might not have bad intentions. Plenty of people have as history has shown.

  2. This news way out yesterday, but oh well.

    I think it publishing info on it was a good idea to keep people from panicing, but I don’t think he should have given details, just the fact that 4 copies existed, he was one of the authors and that Mark has the code.

    The rest just helps people who want to replicate it.


  3. well it helped fix the security bug, though…

  4. The information he has presented to you is a copy of what was specifically on my blog, therefore instead of stabbing him for informing you, you should stab me for presenting such specific information, which i wouldnt care anyways about.

  5. Well, It’s good that the flaw will be fixed now …

  6. Well, nice to hear this. Anyways, that still leaves something in GM to hack.

  7. Its nice tov know it will be fixed, but it is nopt nice to know it still can be done.

  8. I think it is actually a good thing that Mark knows about this program and was given a copy. This helps him for making securer ways of gamemaker saveing executables. Because if innocent guys could make it just to see if it is possible, imagine what a person who loves to hack software could do. Well, theres my 2 cents, bye.

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