Cute-noob Posts

Every once in a while its fun to look around on the GMC and find some cute or noobish or completely non-understandable posts and have a chuckle. We’re not trying to be offensive, and I hope you readers all understand that we are to keep all posts completly anonymous here.

For those of you who have been here for a while, you may know I try and encourage my readers to post their oppinions and their ‘2 cents’ as some call it. So it is time now to go collect those cute posts, phrases, sayings, and whatever you find on the GMC that makes you chuckle to yourself..

Here are some examples:

1) “if i press anny key the character’s animation start. how do i stop that that he stand just still”

2) “Can U Use C++ For Dlls”

3) “I decompiled my game recently and found quite alot of useless garbage within it.”

4)  “how do u make fake 3d…”

5) “… help me to create a DLL file in Notepad”

6)  look, if i want to shoot, whit CTRL … shoot:object10 … player shooting:object3 Please a code!

7) “Well, I like them black, alwase, and i like the 1969 Shelby Mustang. The windows can be purple tinted, and not a single spoiler.”

8)  Ok, here’s the things: I want to make one of those things. You know…”

Now its time to find your own and comment on them hehe, that was pretty fun


10 Responses

  1. Wow
    Once someone was asking for a video tutorial for how to use java.
    This list should be updated when more stupid questions are asked.

  2. Quite useless news, but it’s really ‘laughable’ (is that a word?) what some people post at the GMC.

  3. Only one way to describe this – lol

  4. “could I get a theorum to make the guy look at the mouse?”

  5. someone asked how to install a lib!

  6. You can write a DLL in Notepad. Just copy into Dev-***. 😛
    I often program in Notepad++ (Notepad with tabs), as GM glitches a lot.

  7. Can someone make me a lib for xxx, and please dont give scripts

    I CANT code!!

    This one is funny :p

    Where can i find a MMO dll?? And dont tell me about GMsock and GMsql
    Ans: OK i just shut up 😐

  8. A while ago some guy was asking for a video tutorial for how to use java.

  9. “where can i find a .lib to help make a 3rd person MMORPG?”

    I thik something along those lines have been said, but i’m the only one with a 3rd person lib, but not online… yet.

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