Blackrat’s Dark Side

This is a quote from Ablach Blackrat‘s post found here.

I’ve had it. I’ve closed all DTOD topics, including the original (that was at the creators’ request though) and closed down the Cage Match early since it was obvious who was going to win.

I had my reservations about putting DTOD in the Cage Match but since it was fairly chosen by another contestant I saw no reason not to allow it. Little did I know that the severe lack of maturity here would create one of the most stressful weeks I’ve had in dealing with the Creation’s Forum. Not to mention the additional work by the other Moderator’s here as well in dealing with the situation.

Anyone who creates another DTOD fan game will be put on Mod Preview for at least a month. And remove those ridiculous signatures attacking either DTOD, MrKubus or anyone else involved in this for that matter. And yes, I actually know that secret to creating those small unreadable messages people have been putting in their responses. You can stop that as well.

And starting this Saturday, during the new Cage Match you will not be able to respond to them once again. I don’t really care if you feel that’s unfair but it’s obvious that people here cannot behave themselves. Any PM’s directed to me about this will be ignored. Be lucky I haven’t decided to close down the Cage Match complete


5 Responses

  1. finally, this was finally declared! i really despised all of the DToD, so a ban is the best way to stop it! yay Albach Blackrat!

  2. Aah, that’s the spirit, Ablach. Nothing like a bit of a tantrum; good on ya!


  3. Ablach is my homeboy.


  4. I liked the original…the clones were stupid.

    Although it sucks we can’t post in the CageMatch topics anymore. :\

  5. I sure am glad I don’t go to the gmc anymore.

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