Here at GMNews we are fortunate enough to have had an exclusive interview with Rhys Andrews regarding the Game Maker Awards project this year. Working as a team Rhys, Roach, and Cynical plan to make some significant changes and improvements to the current system, read below for more information.

GMN: Rhys Andrews, we are very glad you were able to have an interview with GMNews sponsored by Scorptek. Tell us, what exactly is happening with the GM Awards this year, is it gone forever? or is there some plan to revive it?

Rhys: Well, a lot of people complained last year about unfair nominations/voting. We’ve put all of it into consideration, and yes, this year GMA will definitely go ahead. We’ll be using various methods to make sure people don’t vote for their own benefit via using different computers, and we will also have judges to decide whether certain nominations were “cheated onto the finals” or not.

GMN: Yes, that does sound like a lot of thought has gone into the new voting system to ensure only valid votes are counted. You mentioned judges, what power do these judges have in nominations, and how can they influence the out come of the finals? Is there a checks and balance system in place to ensure both the public and judges vote are fairly taken into consideration or how does this work?

Rhys: Well, judges will have full power in the nominations, but at the same time they’re not going to touch nominations unless it’s an emergency. For instance, 200 nominations for a 1945 clone with different sprites obviously is a bad nomination. We’ll also be forcing people to enter an email address and full name, and then accept a verification email as they nominate and/or vote.

GMN: Well then, now that you’ve figured out the security precautions you’re going to take with user voting, what other new additions will this year’s GM Awards bring Game Maker users?

Rhys: GMA is going the full mile this year. I can’t tell you exactly what we’re doing, but what I can say is that GMA will be active throughout the year, not just something that pops up near the end of the year. Since I was taken on-board the administration team by Cynical and Roach, we’ve all been discussing various events and elements to consider for GMA 2007. We’ve got a few design concepts ready…
for working on, and we’re pretty damn excited.

GMN: Well you seem to be very enthusiastic about this project, if you can tell us do you plan on adding any new categories, for example including awards for best applications, and non-entertainment based programs?

Rhys: Believe it or not, the awards themselves haven’t been discussed too much. We’re planning to have awards for GM-Teams and Websites/Communities (Like “Most Successful Team”). Most awards will be the same, although some awards will be grouped together and some split apart. Other than that, it’ll be slightly the same with tons of new games, applications, and members to look at since the results of last years awards.

GMN: Thanks Rhys, and just to wrap things up, what can we expect to happen throughout the year as you were saying? Obviously it’d be too much to have a major awards celebration every month or so, so is there a plan to maybe have mini-award like Game of the Month and the likes?

Rhys: You guys will just have to wait and see. In fact, even I need to wait and see; who knows what more Roach, Cynical, and I will think up before we kick-off the new year of GMA.

GMN: Well, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see :P, thank you Rhys for your time, it was greatly appreciated and we hope to see the new super-improved GMA shortly.


11 Responses

  1. [quote]We’ll also be forcing people to enter an email address and full name, and then accept a verification email as they nominate and/or vote.[/quote]

    (yes, I know quote tags don’t work!)

    Do you think people will reallt give you their full names and email addreses just to vote on GMC things? Most people don’t like giving out their name.

    I could just say that my name is Ari Aaron, which, contrary to populer beleif, is not my real name.

    I really think that if you want more votes, you shouldn’t force full names.

  2. Maybe by “names”, he meant “nicks”?

  3. I lie to everything on the internet….
    Just say your name is Ari Rainio (my dead uncle lol) or something like that.
    That’s what I say my name is. And just make up a “spam” email address that you give to companies. Finland_Games@yahoo.com is not my “actual” email that my friends send stuff to me.

  4. Real Name, Fake Name, it probably wouldn’t matter. This is just one method we’re trying to use to weaken the chances of duplicate voting. But thanks for the comments, it’ll be put into consideration.



  6. Hy, I have 3 Emails. You will probably need to do something like IP checking.

  7. There’s a good idea!

    But if anyone really wanted to cheat, it is not that hard.

    There are hundreds of proxy servers out there, and most people have duplicate emails. I have a domain with a catch-all email, so I have an unlimited amount!

  8. True; and in that sense we can’t do much about it. But we can still do as much as we can to slim down the number of cheaters. I’m sure a lot of people respect the spirit of the awards and won’t vote more than once.

    Rhys Andrews

  9. If anyone cheats at the GMA I will yell at them fiercly. Nobody wants that!

  10. Wow, that’s what I was seeking for, what a stuff! present here at this webpage, thanks admin of this website.

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