Mark’s Love for Diving

Mark Overmars Quotes:

I am a reasonable fanatic diver and since 2001 I make underwater photos with a digital camera. On these pages you find a number of the pictures I took on some of the diving locations. Till 2004 I used a Canon PowerShot A20. Since 2005 I use a Canon PowerShot A95. I simply used the standard housing and no additional flash or anything. Some picture have been slightly adapted using Paint Shop Pro in particular to improve the color balance.

From a site by Mark, devoted to his love for diving underwater and taking pictures.

Here are some sample photos Mark has taken on his underwater adventures:

Pretty nice eh? I didn’t realize Mark had a diving hobby, how on earth does he manage to fit time for everything in his life.


8 Responses

  1. way to steal bandwidth!!

  2. Wow! This sure is the most interesting news since GM 6.1 came out! I’m so happy now that I know that Mark Overmars likes to dive! This will so help me to make new games!

    I mean, eh?? Is this Game Maker News, or is this Mark Overmars News? This has absolutly NOTHING to do with Game Maker or the GMC. It’s just useless rubbish that, just as Chronic said, steals bandwith from his site.

    If you don’t have anything to post, then DON’T POST.

  3. Wow, I’m shocked. This is something that is very interesting. I wonder what else Mark does. This proves that he doesn’t spend his whole life in front of a computer screen. Well, nothing much to say.

  4. I’m shocked. Really, I am. What did he have for breakfast this morning? What’s his favorite food?

  5. Wow I didn’t know that Mark dives, I would like to known more abought him but this is sorta off topic…

  6. This blog is for Game Maker related news, right?
    Well, this has really nothing to do with Game Maker, maybe interesting, but does not really belong to this blog.

  7. I remember mark posting a list of things he has possibly done in his life, and diving was one of them. He said only one of the things was false. He said he once worked for Atari!

  8. Is anyone really suprised? well I am not.

    Human Interest stories won’t make it a GM news. Mark may be the creator of Game maker, but it doesn’t mean you could simply GOSSIP about his life. Everyone has their own hobby and that, programming is not my favourite hobby of them all, I do have more then one and plenty of time.

    News includes hotlinking…

    Thats my comment even though it isn’t the latest news or even a news.

    – Toon-Master

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