4e5: Four Elements

Yes, this competition came out about 15 or so days ago, but its not old news.

Smarty's Post:

Dear members,

We have been contacted concerning a grand competition held by GameDev. We feel that this competition deserves extra attention from our members, that's why we announce it here.

Here are the details from Superpig:


Hi folks,

My name's Richard Fine, I run the contests over at GameDev.net these days. We've just launched a new contest that some of you might be interested in.

Four Elements (or "4E," as many of us call it) is GameDev.net's biggest annual competition, running for about half a year. We give you four "elements," and you go off and make a game based around them. When the six months are up, you submit your game, we score it over a number of different criteria (grouped broadly into "gameplay", "production" and "technical"), and then award prizes. In past years we've given away top-of-the-line graphics cards and 3D modelling packages; the prize pool is open right up until the end of the contest, so you never know what's going to show up smile.gif This year, EJoyStudio have already said that they'll donate a copy of their video capture software to every person who takes part – so you're guaranteed something simply for submitting something, even if it doesn't do very well (unless you do so badly you get disqualified, but hopefully that won't happen).

This year's four elements are Emotion, Economics, Emblem, and Europe.

One of the things we really encourage is that people use the most efficient tools and techniques to get the job done – why code everything from scratch when there's an open-source engine that does what you need? We don't reward people for wasting their time. So if you want to submit an entry made in Game Maker, that's great! By using existing technology instead of writing things from scratch, you'll have more time to spend making sure your game plays well and looks good.

To top it off, the winner of last year's contestNinja Loves Pirate – was made in Game Maker. While it was not as interesting as others from a technical point of view, it was very polished, very well written, and very fun to play. So it's definitely possible to compete with all the guys doing shader-heavy glorified tech demos wink1.gif

If you're interested, the contest site has all the rules and regulations, plus, of course, the elements themselves. If you've got questions, our forum is a good place to look for answers – though I'll be happy to hang around here for a bit and answer questions too.

We would like to make it known that Mark Overmars and The Game Maker Community staff have no part in the organisation of this competition and that we are not, in any way, affiliated or associated. Full responsibility is with GameDev.

Additionally, Richard made it clear that the choice of the development tool is entirely free – your GM entry might be competing with games from both more and less sophisticated engines. Judging will take the quality of the game in account, regardless of the tool used.

Therefore, you cannot blame your game's failings on Game Maker's limitations.

Now, go ahead and defend Game Maker's honour. wink1.gif

The GMC Staff

 So here is a competition to look forward to if you like Game Design, lots of prizes too, to keep you motivated :). Good luck if you decide to enter the contest, and remember to use Game Maker to the best of your abilities to make something we're all proud of.


2 Responses

  1. can you tell us what some of these prizes are?

    but i won’t be partisipating in this one, I am too busy

  2. http://www.gamedev.net/community/contest/4e5/default.asp?mode=prizes

    That should give you some information on prizes.

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