Yes, it is finally here…

It’s both an exciting and fearful moment of truth. Now any user without effort can decompile your game or program. There is No GUI interface for the decompiler yet and it involves two steps to extract the resources. Each part of the program was created by a seperate individuals, both can be found posting on the GMC.

While the creators of the decompiler/resource extractor are to be kept anonymous, there are some secret details which have been released. The current program (or part of) extracts the following resources:

  1. Sprites
  2. Backgrounds
  3. Scripts!
  4. Object Names

On a private interview with the creator, s/he mentioned working on an update to the program which could extract other resources such as paths.

The program is not available for download as it DOES breach the Game Maker License agreement. The program is only intended for users who have lost their game to corruption and are seeking ways of recovering some of their code and resources. This is only a very recent creation (last 2 days) although the concept of GM’s hacking vulnerability has been around for a while now.

Unfortunately, Mark has made a couple of boo-boos if you wish, which have left GM executables vulnerable to resource extration. Currently there are two known methods for extracting certain resources from an executable, one involving memory, and another involving a slight security hole found in the GM executable. The current resource extracter takes advantage of the latter.

The ironic part of the story is over the past couple of years there have been “hackers” trying do decrypt Game Maker’s executables with advanced decryption algorithms, and this simple method of resource extraction only requires a few lines of straightforward, simple function calls.

So be-warned, your games and programs aren’t safe anymore. People may now cheat in your games and screw stuff up (especially online highscore tables), and more importantly they may access all your precious coding, which may even contain passwords and secret information. So think twice before releasing your program as someone is likely out there ready to decompile all your hard work.

Also note, your Object Code and D&D information is also not safe, just because this extractor doesn’t have this capability, there are methods to retrieve this information and coding, and much much more.


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  1. I don’t think this extracter is a good idea it could screw up some GM stuff if not used correctly and its is wrong to hack into GM’s EXEs and, i’m sure Mark Overmars will fix this in 6.2 so whats the point? I think a .gm6 extracter is not bad if it’s corrupted you need something like that but an EXE extrecter thats not safe and not right if you put some personal info on your game then they could hack alot of your stuff and people will not be so sure to post there game on the GMC because some one could hack it

  2. I’d say making it public knowledge that there is an exe decompiler and that there is a security hole hackers can look for doesn’t exactly benefit anyone at all with good intentions. So, you’re warned but you can’t do anything with this warning. Only thing you could do theoretically is put all sensetive data in execute a piece of code rather then scripts to stop this system but as you say, it’s no good anyway.

    Why publically promote this rather then cofidentially contacting Mark Overmars and informing him about this exploit in Game Maker and ways to secure it. I see no sensible reason to publically disclose this information and recommand you to delete this news item and contact Mark Overmars with all details you have available.

  3. One way to keep this from getting out of hand is have the de-compiling program given to Mark and a few hand-picked mods, who could, at request, decompile a lost game for you. What do you think?


  4. [quote] While the creators of the decompiler/resource extractor are to be kept anonymous, there are some secret details which have been released. [/quote]

    Meaning he doesnt have the program, but has interviewed the creators or whatever…

  5. This should definitley be given to Mark and the way of extracting the resources should be told to him so that he can fix this problem and prevent people from stealing our stuff. Not like it wasn’t easy to rips sprites or music already though. The code though, now that’s crazy.


    gamehawk =)

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  6. It doesn’t matter if you put your game’s info into an encrypted, external script or not… you’ve got to store the key somewhere.

    Honestly, I think publishing this information does more harm than good. I have already been informed that one of my games has been ripped from it’s exe, and I must say, if I ever see a creation floating around in the GMC, GMG, 64D, or anywhere else people release GM games, I am going to do everything within my power to take down the link and nail whoever posted it for violating my intellectual property rights.

    I make my games for fun, and there’s a reason why I don’t release my code. If this starts to be a real problem, I’ll just stop making games. It’s pretty simple.

    Contacting Mark about this is the first logical step. The second is to keep quiet about it until it’s necessary to publish it. Both the production of a program that tears apart GM games, and the publishing of information about it does nothing but hurt the GM community.

  7. What a suprise, not available for download. In other words, just another Hoax.

  8. Well, whatever. Im getting lots of legal copyrights on all my games, and if i ever catch someone decompiling my stuff, i will take them to court, wherever they are. Just a warning, dont decompile my games!

  9. I think the thing of it is, if someone made it, that means other people can make one, and that’s the fear.

  10. @HeroofTime55
    You dont know anything about the legal system… Do you ^_^?

    @”someone else”
    So your saying your just gonna completely ignore PythonPoole and FredFredrickson?

  11. I think that the “Give it to Mark Overmars” thing is the best, because he can patch up the holes for the next version.

    I am making an application, it’s a large project, and I don’t want ANYONE to have the source, so the exe decompiler is a bad thing in anyone’s hands but Mark.

  12. Well the truth of the matter is, most of your assets were available to anyone who *really* wanted to extract them, via memory, or just plain old packet sniffing for online stuff… I just think it’s really lame that someone would want to create something like this.

    If you lost all your work, and you really want it back and all you have is the exe, it’s a great tool… but if you’re too lazy to actually *learn* GML, and you think the best way to get ahead is to plagiarize other people’s work via (a probably illegal) form of reverse engineering, then it’s a terrible tool.

  13. Some comments on the many responces.
    – Giving this tool to Mark and some selected moderators with enough spare time is ofcourse a good method to keep this secret but the creator also has it. As I don’t know who the creator is in a matter like this I will by default assume he or she has bad intentions.
    – I happen to be one of the few who releases commercial products made with Game Maker and if a source of such a project gets public you can pretty much forget earning money with it any longer or selling this to a publisher.
    – Having it public that there is a security leak will make people go look for it. Seeing the limited amount of information available here, assuming this isn’t a hoax, I can get a pretty good idea where to look for this security hole and I’m guessing I can probably get it to work myself if I spend a day working on it. Releasing this information will make other people work on this as well.
    – There has been a decompiler for older Game Maker versions and without releasing to much info about it, I can say that the author has been selling licences for it and for the right amount of cash you could buy the source of this. Even though somebody might have good intentions with such a tool I doubt the avarage person would say no if I offered for instance $100 for the source or more. A commercially developed game of me, which takes me month of hard labour can thus be “stolen” for a very cheap price.

    As far as all the people claiming they can’t decompile my game because I’ll sue them. Think about the cost involved in getting a lawyer, finding out who this person really is, where he lives, getting aware of the local legislation and having an internation court with possibly a 12 year old. It might very well be that in several countries you can’t even sue him because he as a minor has a special status in the law or what he did wasn’t illigal in his country.

    Personally I’m disappointed in this news site for publishing this information and especially for not removing this information once has been suggested what the negative effects of making this public could mean. Personally, from what I’ve seen from this news site lately it does more harm to Game Maker then it does good.

  14. Not good news at all.
    Great to hear there is a decompiler out there which is gunna bum my biggest project ever into the ground, this is breaking the Gm liscense agreement too isnt it? so surely its pure and simple, 100% wrong.
    Mark himself, if you ask hime, and its a big enough project, can retive corrupet info from game files so having this tool of reverse engineering serves NO purpose what-so-ever apart from for theives, and trust me alot of people would much rather ‘borrow’ other people code than spend a month or so writing it out themselves. If this is the case i think i might just wait till 6.1 comes out before i release any significant demos, which in relaity will be in about a year or so, halfway through my project. Gives me some extra time to imrpove and speed things up i suppose.
    I think the site publishing this information does the same good as bad news, knowing that there is a reverse engineering tool out there that helps my schedual just fine, im not running the risk that my game is getting reverse engineered or along thoose lines, and if it does i feel the need of a court case, and i will make sure (even if it costs me a fortune) i catch the toerag that decompiled my game – which i hope will not happen.
    thanks for reading

  15. I agree completely with Simon, this news really does nothing for the community as there is not a single thing we can do to prevent this. I have sold some of my work as well, and it would make my work completely worthless for the source to be floating around the internet. Luckily for me, I haven’t posted any of the work I’ve sold online.

    I’ve already been made aware that someone has ripped apart one of my games with this decompiler, and I must say, I am not pleased. For all of you people out there who are using / thinking of using this thing, I have some advice for you: You will never become a good programmer by stealing other people’s code, and you will never sell your games, or achieve any kind of fame by using plagiarized code in your work.

    Most people who would use this to steal work done by others are not sophisticated enough to understand the code they rip, and the ones who would have the decency to not steal in the first place… so why bother?

    The part of this that I find so idiotic is that with all the effort that has gone into a program that rips source from GM games, a pretty good game could have been constructed instead.

  16. @Fred
    Who ever said it was being released for the GM member to download, or anyone for that matter? Im not 100% sure, but i highly doubt the creators of this program will release it for download mainly because it breaks the license agreement and therefore is grounds for legal action.

  17. “I happen to be one of the few who releases commercial products made with Game Maker and if a source of such a project gets public you can pretty much forget earning money with it any longer or selling this to a publisher.”

    Some of you are acting extremely silly.
    EA’s games are cracked and ripped off every day…yet they’re still one of the most profitable software companies out there.

  18. Oh and releasing this info is a good thing. Now that you’re aware of this you can avoid releasing anymore of your games until Mark remedies the problem.

  19. Quote:
    Oh and releasing this info is a good thing. Now that you’re aware of this you can avoid releasing anymore of your games until Mark remedies the problem.

    Mark doesnt know the problem though… No one knows the work around except for a select few..

  20. “Yes, it is finally here…” Yes we’ve been waiting years for it! Our waiting has been worth it! Hurray! Great news! *breaks up*

    Do something good: report everything you found out about the creators to Mark Overmars, so he can start legal action and release 6.1a with this vulnerability fixed. Repair the mistake of publishing this news item.

  21. @captainpoopoopee
    Yes, but if EA’s games are stripped apart, they have huge law firms that will throw anyone who tries to publish work based off of the stolen code into jail.

    If someone steals my code, what am I going to do about it? Give me a reasonable answer to this, and then you can start telling us we’re acting silly.

  22. ^You’re going to bend over and take it. That’s all you or any of us could do.

    This is terrible news and should be removed from the site as Simon said. The less people that know about it the better, as the knowledge of it does nothing but harm the community.

  23. “Im not 100% sure, but i highly doubt the creators of this program will release it for download mainly because it breaks the license agreement and therefore is grounds for legal action.”

    The fact that they even brought this to anyones attention besides their own would show otherwise. As stated, legal action can be difficult, even moreso when they’re anonomous.
    It’s really a shame that someone had to do this. People who accidentally lose there source do so because they hadn’t properly backed up there work. While it can be claimed this is meant to help them, they shouldn’t need it in the first place. The bad outweighs the good here as far as I’m concerned. I’ve never even released anything, and this still bothers me greatly.

  24. “The fact that they even brought this to anyones attention besides their own would show otherwise.”

    Not really. Maybe they just wanted to see people like the above posters freak out? Maybe they just wanted to prove that it could be done…?

    I dont think it will be released.

  25. It’s pretty easy to sit back and enjoy people freaking out when you’ve got nothing to lose at stake, I say. Some of us have worked for months on things with GM, and for other people to just rip these creations apart and steal their code is a terrible, terrible loss, no matter if one person or the whole world sees what’s inside.

    And why prove that something like this can be done…? Just looking at the file, someone who is experienced in this type of thing would know if it can be done without actually doing it.

    As it stands, I have no idea who, or how many people my very own source code has been released to now, and I don’t care how many people it’s been sent to, it bothers me greatly that something I worked so hard on is being passed around between people who I have not given permission to view it, and who I do not trust.

    I realize there’s nothing I can do about this, but I am increasingly aware of how bigger companies feel when their work is stolen. The sad part about this is that stealing from a bigger company hurts people far less than this does – it’s as if Robin Hood has decided to instead steal from the poor.

  26. Regarding all the comments about this not going to be a public download. The decompiler that existed for a previous version for Game Maker was being sold commercially. I believe for $100 you could get a copy. So while I doubt they post this up at the GMC as it will get deleted instantly as I said I fear this will still become available.

    Secondly, EA may have issues with ripping but as mentioned, they have a law firm to handle these kind of cases. I don’t have that ability. When I create a game and send a preview copy to my client I can add some features so that it stops working after a certain date, only work from a certain IP, downloads a file first from the internet containing if this version is still valid and lots of other methods to prevent my client from running off with my game before I get paid. However, if he buys for lets say, $100 this decompiler he gets my game for $100 and looking at the time spend on a game, the cost for me for a full blown game is well over that.
    So if my client gets this version then I loose months of hard work over this. I don’t have the money for huge legal action to stop all this, especially as several of my clients live abroad.

    The solution as mentioned by several, not releasing your games until the next version of Game Maker doesn’t work either. I have a deadline to make and can’t simply delay that. Nor has Mark Overmars been informed with all information so he can actually fix this issue as far as I know. The next version of Game Maker could well be months away and may very well not solve this issue.

    While these are all issues which hardly matter if you make a simple game and post it on the GMC it does greatly matter for those who use Game Maker commercially.

  27. “I believe for $100 you could get a copy. So while I doubt they post this up at the GMC as it will get deleted instantly as I said I fear this will still become available.”

    Try $15. For $40 you’d get the full source. I still dont belive it will be put up for download, especially not now because:

    1. No GUI
    2. Two parts to it
    3. Cant do all resources yet

    Maybe your right though. Maybe they will release it… I guess only time can tell…

  28. if you want to know how someone did something with code, then PM them and im 95% sure they will tell you, or show you a link that will help

    i dont see any use for this program

  29. Amateur.

  30. Just don’t even try to hack GM exe’s, if a user lost their project, and all they have left is an EXE, then they did not do very good backups or project managment.


  31. I think that if people don’t want their games to be decompiled, then they should put their games in an installer. In the “Liscense” agreement they should write: You may not use gamemaker decompiler on (title). But if they don’t have an installer, then those are the games you could decompile. But we need to find out how to make those liscense agreements strict.

  32. Jordon, It is illegal to decompile the game whether or not there is a license agreement. There are copyright laws that protect software decompilation in almost every country regardless of what the terms and conditions are. And you don’t need an installer, you can program a onetime terms and conditions message to popup on first run.

    Besides none of what you do is going to stop somebody from decompiling. They’ll do it anyways.. and think of a kid, if you tell a kid to not do something, the first thing they’re gonna do is the thing you told them to not do, so all making messages everywhere saying don’t decompile does is get your game decompiled.

  33. I was reading this and as soon as you mentioned the part about paths coming up, I realized who you were talking about. Hell, I tested this program for him/her a while back

    I want to assure everyone of the one thing that the author conveniently left out. The creator of this program has no desire to decompile other people’s work, or spread anything he/she things would be dangerous to the community.


    SleepinJohnnyFish did NOT test this specific decompiler out.

  35. Ah, I was mistaken. I thought he was referring to a different decompiler.

    It should be known that there is another, then.

  36. Well… I’m in need of a decompiler… I made a game with GM6.1, so this would work… I published my EXE in GMC’s WIP forum. One day, my PC refused to enter windows, and just restarted. well, I didn’t really bother, and formatted. After that I realized that I had lost the GM6… This was a project I really wanted to complete… It had great feedbak, and THAT, above anything, motivated me to keep on. I PMed Smarttart, he has been active today, but he didn’t answer. I AM the owner of the game… It goes against GM’s EULA, even If I am the owner, and, by free will, want to decompile my game?

  37. Whether or not you are the owner you don’t have the rights to decompile your game. This is because in the process of decompiling, you are reverse engineering etc. Game Maker and in effect will be able to see how it works, and use this for malicious purposes.

  38. as if I wanted to do so… I don’t care how GM works, as long as it works 😀 i just want my game baaack *picks up an AK74 and shoots randomly, hitting a television* noooo…

    that was stupid.

    Congrats to GMSE’s authors, this is some awsome work.

  39. Here’s my thoughts, if you’re so worried about your softwares protection, and you’re not the type of person that can trust complete strangers that are probably fat and wear glasses that’ll attempt to crack your software. Here’s a quick and easy solution, do not offer it for download. Include a webform on your website, which asks for their address, and send an information pack to them. End of story, you have their address. (Which means false addresses lead to NOT receiving the ideal package), and you could even track which product is being used by which user by embedding all their information manually and directly sending it to them. There you have it, stuff registration keys, as that only leads to someone studying your security. But of course, it’s the age where customers want everything to be instant. By the way, I think it’s funny that someone apparently found a hole in GM6 as it doesn’t apply to me anyway, also, the software thats apparently been made hasn’t been made to decompile Game Maker itself, but games made using Game Maker. If those games, or software, that are decompiled using this software do not have a licence stating you are not allowed to reverse engineer, or at least include the licence that came with Game Maker, there is no real theft going on here, just an open door… what’s inside? Think about it.

  40. At Larry, there are laws that protect authors against the decompilation of their software. License agreements simply re-iterate this, and could potentially help your court case, but the fact is whether its an open door or not and whether you agreed to a license agreement or not allowed by law to hack into a program and decompile it. There are very few exceptions (eg antivirus groups may be permitted to examine and attempt to decompile/debug newly released viruses).

  41. I think it’s bull shit! I talked about it with friends and it’s simply not possible. If the maker wants to proove it works, he just has to email me, I’ll send him an exe made with gamemaker. I don’t believe a word that that software exists.

  42. how can i download it

  43. Yarmo, of course it exists, I have tested it first hand. It’s not like someone has spent a couple years trying to decrypt an exe.. there is a hole in Game Maker’s EXES that when run have a very silly security vulnerability which lets people alter game code during runtime as well as extract resources… in fact multiple people have ended up being able to do this independently without seeing the other decompiler. Its a very simple security hole that Mark says he will hope to fix for the next version.

    Aq, as you can guess, this is not available for public download.

  44. Well I dont know.. I dont think this is a good idea, people can really decompile people’s stuff. Stealing stuff! this is not right. I only think it would be right for the people, who lost A file, accidently deleting it and having only the EXE, other than this, its not right.
    It should also be given to Mark Overmars…

  45. Well, If i could I would search for that hole, and get my resources back…

  46. I dont agree with anyone saying this article shoudnt be posted. We all have the right to be aware of programs like these. Just privately telling mark and have him fix it in the next GM version wont protect the hundreds/thousands of executables created with GM6.
    Im not worried because i support opensource and all i release all my stuff with the GM6, but there is no way this program will solely be used for good such as recovering lost gm6 files.
    Also nothing in the legal section will have any affect on wether or not this program is released and it wont stop people from decompiling your executables.

    OR this is a hoax, which there is a high chance of.

  47. QUOTE
    “OR this is a hoax, which there is a high chance of.”

    Sorry, but our news site does not post news about hoaxes. This program has been tested first hand by Scorptek Members and is confirmed to be working as described in this article.

  48. Im guessing the guy who made g-java is helping in the development of this seeing as he made that gm6 recovery program, he must have a good idea of the file format for gm6’s. (assuming gm just adds the GM6 to the end of the exe without too much modification)

  49. Actually he has nothing to do with the compiler. And its not that simple, the GM6 is encrypted in the EXE (and each time the EXE is compiled it seems as if the encryption is changed as file size differs) and is virtually impossible to ever decrypr and read. This decompiler uses a very simple security hole found in all Game Maker exes that lets you inject GML code into any game you want during runtime and execute the code. This includes the ability to extract scripts since there are GML functions for getting script names and their code.

  50. well well,if it isn’t avalible yet they are saying it is a hoax.
    if there was such a thing i would have to see it working.

  51. send the creator a .exe and he will send you back the scripts. simple as that.

  52. Im glad im a hot topic ;).

    I dont need to show proof, however, a couple people have already seen it in action.

  53. I would like to have the decompiler for backup purposes. I’ve occasionally lost the source to a few of my GM creations, and being able to decompile backwards into a .gm6 source file would be very handy! Oh well…

  54. Now that this has been made public, anyone that thinks the program won’t be distributed is naive. It doens’t have to be a public download either to be distributed globally. I’ll finish off what I have in process and then dump GM. I have enough to keep track of without adding another tool with security issues to the list. And no, I’m not at liberty to discuss my security methods. It’s a shame that such an excellent tool is now marked with this issue. I agree with Simon that Mark should have been made aware of first, given the chance to make changes or fixes before publicizing the security issues. Making it public only jeopardizes peoples hard work before a fix can be created.

  55. I’m just glad I know that the creators of this are credible, and would never release to someone who may leak it.

  56. It is near impossible to convert an EXE back to a gm6. What actually is possible, is finding a loop hole, most likely in memory, patching in your own GML code and extracting the resources that way. All it would take for anyone to steal your precious resourses would be to execute on line of GML. Which would execute a text file containing a script that saves all sprites, backgrounds, scripts etc. to file. In order to save rooms and paths a special format would need to be created alnong with a script to load it back into GM.

  57. For gruds sake, what’s the big deal here.

    Java decompilers have been about for ever and they don’t effect the Java game market, or any Java market to any great degree – personally I taught myself to program in Java by decompiling some apps I found and then attempting to recompile them, before changing anything and seeing what happened.

    The big thing in Java if you want your code protected is an OBFUSCATOR, surely the best defense would be for Mark to include an OBFUSCATION option in the geneate .EXE tab, something that blatted all the object / script / variable / resource names etc to A1, A11, A111 etc – try following that code!

    Protecting GFX data would be a little harder, but what’s the point? most people wouldn’t use stolen graphics / music in commerical projects as it’s too easy to spot and be sued for.

    As for ‘oooohhh my gamemaker game .exe is vunerable to ripping – well only if you advertised it as a game maker game. If you kept quite as to the dev environment you use (does it make a difference WHAT environment you use providing the final game kick’s ass???) who’s to know what tools etc can be used to attack your work.

    To Simon, firstly I respect your work – Bacteria 2 is nothing short of class and releasing the source has allowed me to learn a lot – I especially liked the opening sequence (inventive use of paths), however if your worried about underhand techniques on behalf of your publisher then I suggest you find another publisher – once bitten, twice shy???

    Lastly (sorry for the long rant), regardless of what you do and how you protect your work – if someone want’s it bad enough they’ll find a way to take it – even to the point of dissassembling the source, viewing the code in a hex editor, writing custom apps to hack data formats, you name it, they’ve done it – look at all the people on the net providing ripped sprite sheets from SNES and Genesis games, where do you think they come from. FWIW – I can think of at least one commerical shareware developer that doesn’t even bother to protect their assests (in their games) – once you install their game, just go to the install directory and there for all to see are the .PNG’s .TGA’s .TXT files etc. Either they don’t care (big mistake IMNO) or they’ve found out it has no discernable effect.

    Just my $0.02


  58. You can use a memory editor to view the EXEs code. Try Tsearch, CheatEngine, MemHack Pro etc. The game is not really decompiled. All the code in your game is stored in RAM somewhere in plain ASCII format. Its up to you to find it it export it from RAM to a binary file. Then you can open the file and copy it into GM. However the code stored in RAM is not the code executed. So changing the plain text in RAM does nothing. In order to patch your own code in you would need a debugger. MemHack and CheatEngine have built in ones.

  59. Nevermind you don’t need a debugger. I figured it out. There are really two seperate loopholes each offering differnet ways to extract resources.

  60. Last time I checked, GM6s were never encrypted…

    And as for screwing up highscore tables and stealing passwords, if they are used with DLLs, has been arleady done, and it’s called “replacing DLLs”.

  61. Well, the last time you checked was most likely never. The actual EXE file is encrypted. Mark added it for extra security after gm5 was cracked.

  62. An unidentified user recently PMed me on the forums saying he needed the decompiler to decompile his game because he lost the source for it. Of course I explained, I cannot just go giving away the decompiler to people I don’t know, not even people I do know. I explained the possible outcomes of giving it to him, including it spreading like wild-fire and him tempted to use it for malicious purposes.. so I had to put my foot down and say no.. I don’t know you, I can’t guarantee you won’t go distribute a decompiler everywhere and decompile people’s GMC creations and commercial games and cause chaos.

    Then he replies saying something to the effect of, I knew it, this thing is obviously a hoax, and now I’m going to make everyone aware of it.

    So I was just in the process of replying to give him a generous offer. I said I would be happy to decompile the game for him, if he could provide proof that he made the game, and I would send him back all the resources that could be extracted.

    But just as I sent it, I get an error saying the guy has blocked all PMs. I’m sorry, but I just have to laugh at this guy for being so ignorant, not understanding, and the type of guy where if he runs into a conflict he just hides out and blocks people instead of facing the problem and finding a solution.

    If he wasn’t so quick to block me out of his world simply because I couldn’t give him a potential weapon of mass destruction.. he could have had his game back by now.. its a shame really.

  63. I would immediately report any information you have on the creator and the program to Mark Overmars. It is an illegal program that threatens the security of people’s hard work.

  64. We already reported everything to Mark O. He fixed / is fixing the loop holes for the final version of GM7. Only 3-4 trusted individuals actually have the “decompiler.” I myself never really used it except for testing on my own work and its lost somewhere on my Hard Drive. The others I can be trusted enough to not use it for malicious purposes, also you don’t need the “decompiler” program to “decompile” the exe. It is quite easy, and anyone with GML knowledge can do it, so getting rid of the program really has no effect since I’m sure there are dozens of users who are able to get the resources out of a GM6 exe anyway. At least it will be fixed for the next version.

  65. How old is this topic? You all know that gm6 exe decompilers like this already exist on file-sharing programs, such as limewire, correct?

  66. “The program is not available for download as it DOES breach the Game Maker License agreement.”

    As far as I know, the clause in the agreement stating that you may not reverse engineer executables produced with GameMaker has no legal ground.

    Let’s have a look:

    Section 4, “Created Games”

    Games you create with the Software you can use in any way you like. No licence fee is required. You are allowed to sell the games if you own the right of all the resources used in the game.

    The full responsibility and liability for the games created with the Software rests solely with the creator of the game and not with the author of the Software.

    Stand-alone versions of games created with the Software can be distributed without any licensing fees. You are however not allowed to reverse engineer or decompile these executable.

    Right. So, unless the person who wrote the game distributes the game with a license that states that it is illegal to reverse engineer or decompile the executable file, then how on Earth could someone who simply has the executable know that it is illegal to reverse engineer the application?

    And even if they DID (and most of the GMC doesn’t seem to distribute licenses), the license would still be on insecure legal grounds. Reverse engineering is legal. Decompiling and copying into your application, however, is NOT legal. (I’m going by US copyright laws here… no idea for international users).

    Also note, the license agreement for GM does not state who has jurisdiction over cases of violation of the license agreement. Quite simply, what may be illegal on one side of the fence is ignored on the other. (Take the example of

    I’m not a lawyer though, so I could be wrong.

  67. Quick google search provides some interesting information to backup my claims.

  68. Dangerous!! mayb… especially on online games!

  69. I’ve used that logic before Figs. Strange, we’re not allowed to reverse engineer EXEs we make. But hacking EXEs made by others can’t be enforced. Although it’s best to respect Mark’s intentions and not hack any GM exes.

  70. I thank you for your comment.

  71. Funny Steve would post here.


  72. Of course i’d post on here… It gains more publicity each and every day lol…

    Here is is MONTHS after it was posted and this article is STILL getting posts… Awesome, eh?

  73. I hate this! who the hell made that program?
    Even your .exe files are not safe anymore!

  74. tis bad very bad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  75. All your .EXE files are belong to me…

  76. Lol! All your base belong to me.

  77. are* All your base are belong to me.

  78. rawr

  79. tis iz hax i sue 10 million us dolar

  80. Mark is either going to freak or has already… If he has I wonder if he will fix it…

  81. Mark has known about it for a while. It is supposed to be fixed in GM7…but apparently that has been cracker too. Whatever. I am not really worried about it.

  82. cracked*

  83. There’s one for GM7 now too. Forces a game to debug, which gives the same effect I’m sure…

  84. You see,
    the majority of your customers will not know about this. (assuming you’re making commercial games with gameMaker)

    As long as you get your games onto the portals/other distribution channels you can then you’re going to have a chance of making money.

    It’s your IP, so if you wanted to put it on ManifestoGames for example, we could verify your wnership of said IP and boot any ‘pretenders to the throne’.

    Make sure you have a way of verifying your rightsof ownership to your games.

    The greatest danger you face, is someone else registering your game as their Ip first, under copyright.
    Which would make them the legal owners, you have little to fear from people who would download the cracked/warez version,
    for they are few
    (as a percentage of your potential market).

    If your game is ‘something special’ then try us,
    we might consider it worth selling for you.
    -indie developers unite!

  85. where do i down load this ?

  86. wow i forgot about this… without aid I’ve figured out how to do all this. i can’t believe it’s so easy… what was mark thinking?

  87. I heard you can remove the runner from an EXE and put on a runner from a EXE in Debug Mode, forcing to show the debug window. GM6 is much easier… A few API calls and away you go.

  88. if this is true then OMG.

  89. It is true that GM can be easily hacked, but we are not offering “proof” or downloads.

  90. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  91. Agree with what? That GM can be hacked easily?
    It can, accept it.

  92. :S i really need it, i got this snake sprite so well done and idono wat hapend to the gmk and all i got is exe and a bad version of it 😦

  93. so where can i find a the decompiler
    i need it
    my computer crashed and almost everything got corrupted

    😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦

  94. so if i decompile something of yours
    and make it mine
    what u gonna do?
    Stare at your computer screen?
    start screaming in your house?
    how will u track me down?
    how will u ever know my name?
    how will u even know where i live!

    the only info available to u is that my name is “Recreate”
    OBVIOUSLY NOT MY REAL NAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    U CANT DO @#$% NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. Welll Recreate just proven how pathetic he is….

  96. Yes he has, and now, there is a real decompiler.
    I won’t post the link, but seriously, it’s not hard to find – anymore.
    Plus, with over 600 unique hit’s before 6AM in yer wierd American times, it’s fairly widespread already.
    Don’t ask me if I think it’s a good idea, I’ll probably say yes.

  97. Honestly…I think it is hard to find now. I never found it…just proving that it is hard…or I’m blind.

  98. Goto [Link Removed]
    If you need to restore or decompile a game
    Free decompiler
    Not hard to find anymore

    Not so pathetic now huh?

  99. Clubpenguin help
    goto [link removed]

    Note: Please read the rules before posting, we do not allow posts which advertise websites and/or are off topic from the discussion (this is do to excessive spamming). If you wish to form an affiliation or partnership and have your link displayed on this site, please e-mail

  100. I have it to, send your exe to this:
    and you’ll get the gm6/7
    Please say the version you want (gmd/gm6/gm7)
    If i refers the exe issnt yours i would not decompile it, because then it will break the EULA.

  101. It’s the first result on Google for Complete GM Decompiler. Get over it.

  102. Your stupid notes dont do nothin

  103. Hello
    Want GMD file Mario
    thank you

  104. This the legal version:
    [Link Removed]

  105. There is no legal version it still messes with the executable and violates the EULA… duh.

  106. First off…the GM Decompiler IS available and can be downloaded free if you look around…….I have downloaded it just see what all the hype was about.
    Actually…just a lot of smoke mostly. There is no GUI and no documentation with it.
    Secondly…….the games at YO YO are free,hobby games that use sprites,and resources that are free from the internet so why should anyone get in a tissy if your game is hacked…I mean really…who cares?

    Why would anyone go to all the trouble to hack another tired boring Mario clone or a dull witted stickman game? The decompiler is a waste of time pure and simple!

  107. Dear GM Users,
    I am highly against the use of Decompilers, all it does is show that the person using is is weak & lazy. Unable to create their own resources.

    I am highly involved in the Computer security field, and have been called upon by several GM Users for a ‘Solution’. A remedy, if you will, on how to eradicate this preposterous tool. Some may say it’s impossible, but I have a few ideas up my sleeve… Anyone wishing to help, please feel free to email me:

  108. Well, we all know a decompiler has been released for Game Maker, so it does not matter if the answer is given to the following question as I am just curious on how it works. How does one inject GML into a Game Maker program? The answer to this question won’t give any harmful knowledge since a decompiler has already been released. Also, I have heard there is a way of doing it without a memory editor. I am sure I could figure out how to do it if I used a memory editor, but I am curious about the method that does not use one. I repeat, this question is strictly for knowledge purposes.


  109. Dirm?
    (does it really matter)
    care to exagerate? one does not need
    to rob a bank to know what will happen.
    I don’t know myself…

  110. I am just curious how it works.

  111. You can email me the reply at

  112. yah, i foudn that on the internet so i downloaded it, at first i thoguht, this can only be sued for pure evil, then i remneberd my fav game i made my lil bro deleted all the script and did random stuff to and destroyed it, i used this on the exe and got it back so i am grateful they made this, so dont think its a bad idea, it all depends on how you use it

  113. A friend of my asked for help. As he made a program called Scare X3 he asked me to post this. First of all I have nothing o do with it. I don’t even know what video games are. Please don’t PM me or what ever I will not replay. I repeat I am not involved with this decompiler in any way.

    Scare X3.
    Coming up.

    Scare X3 will not be available for the public. Even if you pay 100000$ you will not get it. The reason is that most of you kids always make illegal copies and publish it for free. There are only a few trusted people that we have offered to buy Scare X3 for a price 250$ and by paying 500$ you can have the source code in VC++6. It still is in Beta but soon it will be out in pro version.

    Functions of Scare X3:
    This tool is not like the existing decompilers. It is a fully working decompiler since it is programmed in VC++ it is super fast and does not get stuck. By testing it on a 20 MB file it took 2 Hours and 38 minutes.

    The following is achieved:
    *EXE files can be downloaded from online instant play even if they are play only
    *GM EXE files can be saved directly to the following formats: gmd-gm6-gmk
    *Wrapped, packed, batched, compiled and shrinked GM Exes can be opened and decompiled.
    *Obfuscatored files can be translated to readable code with 5000 sprites, 1000 objects, 2000 backgrounds, 3000 sounds, 2000 Scripts and 100 rooms.

    The following is in process or is highly likely to be achieved after the release of the new version of gm:
    *GM EXE files can be saved directly to gm8 or what ever the future editable extension of GM will be.
    *EXE and BAT files will be automatically scanned for being made out of GM or not.
    *Decompiled files can be edited by altering code, sound, sprites without the need of GM.
    *Edited files can be test run without the need of GM.
    *Edited files can be saved to stand alone without the need of GM.

  114. u suck……. y would u make a ****** program like this? u dip face. Why the hell do you wana steal someones work?

  115. Hi download this

  116. dang im trying to find somthing like this because my hard drive died, all but my most recent game was backed up.

  117. Personal info? LOL! What kind of n00b would put their bank account number, social security number, or credit card number in PLAIN TEXT in their game’s code unless they were HOPING someone would hack it and rip them off financially?!

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