GM Not Liking Vista

Looks like GM is having a major issue. Apparrently for some odd reason, in the time between the last BETA build, and the latest Stable Public Preview release of Vista, there has been some major change in the soon to come Operating System that is preventing Game Maker from running.

Game Maker has run fine so far on the previous builds of Vista (& Longhorn), however Microsoft's latest [STABLE] Public release (Build 5384.4) apparrently will not run Game Maker at all. Opening GM's EXE will result in your computer freezing as the processor usage will jump to 100% and the only way to resolve the problem is to kill the process through task manager.

Conclusion, don't upgrade to Vista just yet, use it on a test machine first otherwise you'll be left without Game Maker for a while. My personal thoughts are: Microsoft has been contacted about the issue, and they may or may not release a patch / have a solution for this problem. However, I beleive if they do attempt to make the application compatible it won't be until a Service Pack is released, and this will not be until months after Vista's final release, causing a fairly big issue for new users, customers purchasing Game Maker Games, current GM users who upgraded without knowing the GM issue.

So far it looks like there is little hope. Trying to run the program in compatability mode makes no difference. Microsoft suggests it maybe something to do with the program using Direct X 9, but not a lot is certain at this point. But there is one thing that is for certain, Vista is just around the corner and will be released in just a few months time, and the current build with the problem was not really intended on being changed much, Microsoft is just working on last minute OS tweaking, and are assuming all programs are functioning correctly and don't plan on making any major changes to the OS in the near future that may enable GM to run.

So, should Mark Overmars receive obtain a copy of the currently available Vista Preview and start working on a Vista compatabile Game Maker? Or should he wait it out and just hope that Microsoft will try and work something out and get Game Maker to run on Vista some how without the need of reprogramming certain aspects of the program?

What are your thoughts? 


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  1. I think Mark Overmars should finish and relese 6.2 and then start working on 6.2 Vista compadible version so the XP users can use 6.2 and after Mark Overmars finishes the compadible versions vista users could use 6.2

  2. Mark Overmars on Windows Vista:
    “I would be extremely surprised if Game Maker would not run properly under Vista. So there is nothing to worry about.

    But, as pointed out before, the computer specs for Vista are huge. And they use a completely new driver model. This means that many current machines are not (yet) compatible with it. Minimal specs are something like DirectX9 compatible graphics card with at least 64M memory and 512 MB internal memory and 20 GB free on the harddisk. Prefered specs are 4 times that. (Note that it is not the processor that is the issue but graphics and memory.) Also Vista realy prefers PCI-express, not AGP.

    You really should only try out the beta if you have a very strong computer.



    Furthermore, Vista is a beta release. As in, a release not yet finished. If it contains a bug causing all DirectX8 games from operating Microsoft will spend the remaining time to fix this bug. Vista isn’t going to be released in a few month but in 7 to 8 months from now. So there’s a very big change this bug is either as Mark Overmars mentioned with your PC or Microsoft will fix it.
    There have been quite a few stories about it working in Vista including the latest release. See the link I gave earlier.

    Do try to get your facts together when you post a newsitem. A search on the GMC for Vista for instance is the least you could do.

  3. I have the facts thank you, I have both read and posted in that topic.. you will notice all the cases in which it worked were previous builds, or the user failed to mention which. All users using the latest Vista Preview build have encountered the problem, and it is not hardware specific, it is in fact something that has changed in Vista. The version of Vista just before 5384.4 was released could run Game Maker perfectly, so it seems to be a change Microsoft has made in the last couple of months that is causing the problem to occur.

    We can hope Microsoft will fix it, but may I remind you Microsoft is NOT CALLING IT A BETA any more, they are calling it a preview, as its supposed to be pretty much stable and apart from fixing some small little bugs, it is intended to be pretty much the same as the final release.

    The best we can do is contact Microsoft about the issue and hope they have a solution other than “use OpenGL” instead.

    So far from who I have contacted, nobody who has the latest Vista 5384.4 customer preview build can run Game Maker.

  4. For somebody who has the facts I can notice a number of omissions in your entry. For instance it is quite newsworthy that Mark Overmars mentions there won’t be any problems.

    Also a version that no longer is a beta version “…and will be released in just a few months time” is something else then “Windows Vista Beta 2 Customer Preview Program” with Windows Vista due in early 2007. That’s at least 7 months away.

    I nowhere saw any reference from Microsoft stating things won’t change much. Ofcourse they won’t add many new features any longer but nowhere did I see a Microsoft employee mention that no bugs will be fixed anymore. Furthermore seeing as you refer to Direct X 9 appears to me you haven’t even taken the time to figure out that Game Maker is DirectX 8.0.

    True, I looked at the forum thread and saw PythonPoole mention it works on the version number you gave but he appears to later have changed his mind on this.

    Let me just end with my opinion that I think Mark Overmars quite well knows how Game Maker works and what dependencies are in Game Maker. I’m assuming that he, as a professer at the department of computer science of the University of Utrecht has a clue what will change in windows Vista and seeing that he isn’t worried is enough reassurance for me for the moment. Seeing it worked previously gives me a very strong suggestion it isn’t that Game Maker is incompatible but merely a bug in the current version. Microsoft has been informed about this bug so lets give them the chance to fix this before blowing this completely out of proportions calling this a “major issue”.

  5. I agree, it is not a major major issue, and I have every faith in Mark for finding out some way to get GM to run on vista / get Microsoft aware of the issue. Its just something to bring to the concern of GM users, so they know not to upgrade their primary machine to Vista for the time being etc.

    I’m sorry if I sounded like there is no way GM is going to work on Vista, I know it will eventually, but I’m not confident enough to say it will work on the first release.

  6. Yeah, sorry if it seemed like I was saying “GM Won’t work on vista!”, I’m not.

    I have every faith in Mark to find a way to get Game Maker to work on Vista, or atleast get Microsoft aware of the issue so they can fix it before hand.

    I do however still have concerns, GM users should be informed that if they intend on using GM on their computer, they shouldn’t update to the latest preview build of Vista. I’m also not completly confident that it will work on the first release in Janruary, but I hope it will.

  7. Mark didn’t get the information correctly, that’s why he said what he said. The topic was very confusing; first python said it works (was addressing a previous build), then said it doesn’t. Considering the busy person Mark is, I could say that he only skimmed through the post, and read python’s first impressions before he changed his mind that “it works”, and marks therefore says: (not exactly a quote) “some people report it works and some say it doesn’t”. The truth is, since build 5384 and later, no one at all had GM work.

  8. I have Vista build 5456 and i did not get version Game Maker version 6.1 or 6.0 but version 5.3 and earilier work just fine … so if you aren’t programing 3d functions for any part of your game i would use this until Mark or Microsoft decide to fix the Vista problem.

  9. I couldn’t get either version 5.x or 6.x to work :/

  10. Vista doesnt run Photoshop, GM, Nero or anything else descent. I have it, and frankly i hate it

  11. I have vista build 5384.4 and am typing this message from it right now. I have had very few problems with it, but i am running BOTH nero and photoshop right now with absolutely no problems, James Garner. It also runs every single program i have tried except Prey, and GM 6.1, i personally think it is great! Microsoft announced that they would be correcting a lot of previous DX compadibility issues for RC1, so i personally think we have nothing to fear. THIS IS TECNICALLY STILL A BETA! Beta 2!!!

  12. about that fixin Direct X compatibly for RC1, i’m runnin RC1 on my laptop, and i still can’t run Game Maker 6.1 😦

  13. Please read the more updated news articles on this issue. Game Maker 5.x and 6.x will NOT work on Vista (Final Release), however the new version (Game Maker 7.0) will.

  14. But in order to run 7.0, you need 6.1 registered, which is impossible to do with Vista.

    Paradox! >_>

  15. “But in order to run 7.0, you need 6.1 registered, which is impossible to do with Vista.

    Paradox! >_>”

    That’s only the demo. The new version will take it’s own keys and run independently from any other version of Game Maker. Now that Vista is here, what are the reports on the beta running? Has Mark said anything else on the matter?

  16. It’s a pity that Game Maker 5.x won’t work for Vista. It still use it for minigames. I made a 40 euro minigame with it. Hope Mark releases a patch for it, but then again he seems pretty forcused on version 7, which indeed it is not a bad thing.

  17. someone did manage though, and posted a screenshot…


    in case that doesnt work:

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  19. I have Windows Vista on my computer, and you were right, Vista does not like GamMaker 6.1 and up. However, version 5 worked perfectly well. As always, Microsoft found a new way to piss me off :-/

  20. Meh, it wasn’t really MS. It was GM6 😛

  21. I have a registered version of GM6 but thanks to the Makers of GM6 (.1) it isn’t compatible with Windows Vista.

    At school (they have GM6 registered as well) i am working on a game with effects only available on registered versions. Thanks to the makers, GM6 wont work at all, and the key doesn’t work on GM7.


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