GMC Stripped of it’s skin

Lately there have been many, many users with the same problem; including myself I may add.

When visiting the GMC (for an unknown reason) the images just decide not to load. For some users flushing their cache fixes the problem, for others their Firewall seems to be blocking the connection, and for the rest of the group the mystery is still unsolved, and seem to be stuck without images… forever.Within only a few days, over 5 topics about this issue have found their way on to the community forum.

An anonymous user posts a screenshot to give an idea of what it looks like:

The problem seems to be independent of the user's browser showing up in both Firefox and Explorer.

Side note: There is a new GameDev Game Competition (4e5: Four Elements) for game programmers. Its for any programming language and that includes GM. In fact a GM user won the competition last year! So stand up for your program, this is your time to show off what GM can do! Great prizes for the winners, plus bragging rights :D. Good luck.


3 Responses

  1. The images on the GMC load up for me just fine and they never have not loaded

  2. About the images, i had the same problem a week ago…
    but i just figured it was firefox who was blocking GMC’s content, which i had to turn off!

  3. “An anonymous user posts a screenshot to give an idea of what it looks like:”

    “Logged in as DarkMagmaGames”

    hahahaha nice one.. yes, very anonymous

  4. oh and also the url of the image links to his site.. i’m pretty sure he’ll be annoyed at you stealing bandwidth (assuming you never asked to link to it).

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