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Mark Overmars says:


Our book The Game Maker's Apprentice is on schedule to appear at the end of this month. On the book webpage we now added a pdf version of Chapter 3 of the book and a pdf version of the full front matter (foreword, table of contents, introduction, etc.). You can download them under the Extra tab on the site.

Mark Overmars

Well I found that Chapter 3 PDF a long time ago (see the news article posted last month I think) but this is good news, I know a lot of users who are looking forward to the release of the book.

PS. Secret Project updates… what is going on you may ask… I've been busy with exams and all and havn't had much time to work on it. I'll try and get everything working sometime soon. There is however a small issue with it in Firefox which I cannot find a solution for, it works fine by itself, it works fine on Windows Live, but chuck it in on Google and the page never stops loading. Aside from that I'm working on an addition to the Secret Project, which in itself is also a large project. Hope it turns out well.


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  1. My friend doesn’t get how to use GM and he doesn’t read instructions but he might read The Game Maker’s Apprence so when it comes out I’m going to bye it for him so then me and him can make games togather so I can’t wait for it to come out

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