Some News

Well nothing interesting seems to be happening as of late. In combination with my hectic exam schedule, I have been unable to post news as much as I'd like to, but I am setting aside a few minutes now to do so.

Whats new? Well as I said very little, but here are a couple of small news items:

GM Scorpius (Owner of a formerly popular news site before GMNews showed up on the block) seems to be abandoned. The latest news update on the site is from April Fools (see RSS feed). When I recently contacted the owner of the site, I was given a brief comment about him being busy, and not sure whether he will keep maintaining the site, but it looks like he won't be so far. So lets all say thank you to him for his hard work at collecting GM news over the past couple of years, and for inspiring this news site.

Some unrelated to GM News:

Microsoft Released a new version of vista 5384.4 at to the public at the WinHec 2006 conference ^_^. Other vista news is the system requirements of vista are now actually much lower than previously expected, so you might be able to get most of your PCs up and running on vista, although Vista Ultimate requires some heavy duty equipment (i.e. a gig of ram atleast, 128+ mb graphics card, a processor in the gigahertz range etc.)


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  1. Ben, I’ve talked to Scorpius about this once.. He said he’s not maintaining GM-Scorpius anymore, and instead building a new site.

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