Excuse the language 😉 but am I the only one noticing a problem with the RSS news feeds of this site? Jusdging by my blog stats, about 35 users a day access the RSS feeds, but for me atleast, the feeds havn't been working on either my site, Google, my GM Plugin, and even some problems with Firefox's subscribe tool.

I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing a similar problem. This is an issue for me because my new secret project 2 requires access to the feeds, they were working fine till a day or two ago when they started going all screwey.

Either way, I've contacted WordPress about it too see whats happening, no response yet, although I'll check again in a few hours.

As a sidenote, the following is some Game Maker related news:

  • GMG is back up and running, however still on a very outdated version of software (which is also just a trial)
  • The Spammer's Takeout (TM) anti-forumcracking group suggested the GMC is a target for a new attack in the very new future
  • Freedom of speech gone? Apparrently its ok to say you like the GMC (topic still open), but when someone suggested that the GMC could use some improvement, their topic was locked fairly quickly. I stopped to think about it for a sec and realized just how much control the GMC has over what you can and cannot say. 

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  1. I would never complain about such feeble things as freedom of speech. There is no such thing in this world. ^____>

  2. Yes on my GM Plugin it says the news(sometimes) but it says stuff after it EX(this is what it said one day):Mark’s Timeline 0081;’3#89`?php
    it will not say it at all or be all screwed up with some mixed up stuff afterwards and on also on my PSP it doesn’t even pick up any news and it is messed up on Firefox too but I ignore the screwed up stuff and check here evry day before and after school(and homework it is like Kindergarden work but it is 5 grade so it is done in 5 min.) and once before i get tired and go to bed

  3. … Point to me where, in the GMC Constitution, it says that you have the right to free speech.

    Your freedom hasn’t been taken away, it was never there to begin with! 🙂

    Yes, the forum is quite controlling about what you can and can’t say. If it weren’t, there would be an Off-Topic/GeneralDiscussion area chattering away and a bunch of kids posting warez links and porn spam all over the place.

    I have had some people complain that their “Great! 10/10!” comments were not approved in the Tutorials forum – they scream “I have the right to express my opinion!” Rights? Where are you getting this idea of rights from? I’m not coming to your house and arresting you and throwing you in jail for your opinion, I’m just preventing you from posting it in a place where it doesn’t belong. The GMC rules do not grant you any ‘rights’ to post anything you want anywhere you want.

  4. The problem isn’t that you don’t have rights. I used to think that way, but it really just seems that way. You don’t need rights…. there is no need to post anything they don’t want you posting. I found that out the hard way after all my warnings (I’ve hit 100%).

    The real problem is that people think of GMC as a real community when it is not. It is not a place to be with people you know and talk and help eachother out. It is a place for people to find out about Game Maker and how to better use it. That is all. If you want community, find a new forum.

  5. As far as the TST’s status on the whole GMC Hacked thing, we have 2 suspects, and I’m telling you all now, it is not CAMD or SJF. I’m unable to release any more information at this time. If anyone would be kind enough to donate the GMC’s logs to TST, then we would find this guy alot quicker.

  6. Yes, Admiral Refuge does have a point.

    As Head Strategizer of TST, it is my job to investigate this situation. We will keep you posted on what the developments are.

  7. Warning: GMNews cannot verify the accurracy of this post, it may contain false information
    I now have a few chat logs that may be interesting.
    Lep and Workman161 are the prime suspects of the cracking at GMC.

    I have gotten logs of IRC chats from TST's General and Myseld.
    Here are the logs:
    As you see Workman161 knows ALOT about cracking and computers.
    Lep is suspected of hacking an IRC channel #thecreatorsword

    As of right now, these two are the top suspects of the GMC and GMG cracking.

    If anyone has any information on these people, please let us know.

    PS: the Head Stratagizer, Runtime, is sorry for any fuss and inconvinience on the IRC channel but it was necessary for our investigation.

    I have contracted Mark Overmars and he told us to withdraw from this investigation. Said the crackers emailed him saying that they cracked the GMC because of TST(which I highly doubt).

    I am respecting his wishes and closing this investigation.

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