Theme Change

Well, I always like to hear feedback from my readers,  so what do you think of the new theme?

  • Keep it, it looks awesome!
  • Looks pretty cool, I say keep it
  • Both the old one and this one are pretty good
  • This one is ok, but I think I prefered the old one
  • I prefer the old one, this one just doesn't cut it
  • They're both pretty bad but this one is slightly better
  • They're both pretty bad but this one is slightly worse
  • I couldn't care less, just so long as I can read the posts

Vote now (comment). I also made another minor change, anyone who points it out will win a prize (the thing will be replaced with your name for a 2 days).



13 Responses

  1. Tough, but I think I like the new one better. I was getting tired of the other one it is a nice change but keep the other one’s stuff so you can change it back every month or so.

  2. I have noticed 2 things insted of being tabed and having a little line some of the things have boxes around them(like the thing that says Dood Log in as admin_ and use admin as the pass!!!!!!1111) and the buttons look like the windows buttons(don’t know if that was like that before)

  3. I don’t like this theme at all. I’m not flaming you or something, I just loved the previous theme. It looked much better, especially the font. The new font is not sans-serif (which I just think the previous was?) and if doesn’t look as smooth either. I say change back to the old theme.

  4. Oh, btw, that new thing you can get a prize for, was that the “Recent Comments” thing? I may be completly wrong, I haven’t got a clue.

  5. I think it looks good, better than the previous one.

  6. Now I think I know the other change. After it was changed it says on “Hax0ring, Explained”:

    …We should all know ChIkEn AtE mY dOnUtS by now, a member of the GMC, and an admin on the G-Java forums, not a particularly an “esteemed” member…

    I think it said something else than “esteemed” before, but I’m far away from sure.

  7. Wow, now I’m almost spamming…

    Anyway: The change could have been in the end of the qoute about the GMC being closed:
    “…I hope you understand the nature of this situation and understand if we have to start from new (it was planned any way remember 🙂 )

    GMC Staff…”

    I think “it was planned any way remember :)”
    was changed, I think it said “it was planned anyway, remember? :)” before.

  8. MagnustheLord is right it did say something differn’t I keep the announcements from here at my forum the whole thing copy and pasted along with a link to this site and it does say something differn’t it says We should all know ChIkEn AtE mY dOnUtS by now, a member of the GMC, and an admin on the G-Java forums, not a particularly respected member though, reputation is and has been fairly low ever since he began his forum posting.

  9. This theme is by far much better than the other. It looks more professional, it is easier to read, and looks really cool overall. Keep it.

  10. Thanks for the comments, although I think I’m going to need more feedback as some of you said you like it, and some of you really don’t like it, so I don’t know, I’ll leave this open for more comments..

    Yes, I did change the posts, a bit, to be less hurtful to SJF and CAMD (SJF was a little concerned), you will also noticed, I censored a couple other comments in that article.

    As for the change, I’m not talking about theme stuff or stuff in the actual articles, although good try though. Its something you might not have noticed, but I think its cause you just arn’t paying attention to it, I think if I changed it to something like “Hot Pink” you might notice it lol.

  11. The Change is that the comments can now be seen automatically?
    Anyway I like the new theme 🙂

  12. no… that isn’t it…

  13. Who gives a shit.

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