H4X0R returns…

It seems as if the Game Maker Games forum (also using outdated forum software) was hacked via the same exploit the GMC previously had.

According to a member of GMG, the Game Maker Games forum was taken down today after emails were sent out with viruses, and iframes downloading trojans onto the user's computer were inserted on forum pages.

Much the same thing that happened on the GMC just a few days ago. GMG staff are now working hard to repair the exploit by applying security patches, and are trying to restore the forums as soon as possible.

What are your thoughts… who is this hacker? What does he want? Is his only goal to give everyone who uses GM a virus? Why target Game Maker sites? Why viruses? Why not delete the forum instead? Lets try and throw ourselves into the hacker's shoes.. what would you want if you could access the admin panel of a popular forum? why wouldn't you destroy the forums, or make the other administrators have regular member level privalleges, why just give out viruses, and nothing else? Is he being payed to do so? Did he make the virus?

There are so many questions still unanswered, perhaps with the help TST (The Spammer's Takeout! (TM)) we can catch this guy once and for all and quickly too.


8 Responses

  1. Why?

    Who is this that hates GM forums so? The admins really need to keep the forum softare up -to-date, as bugs are found in the old ones, and people will crack the big sites just for the hell of it!1

  2. Damn …

    I would believe that it was not a virus but a trojan that was sent out.
    With trojans they would create a backdoor in your computer for hackers to use a remote user and get in your computer. They would then have complete control of all of your computers.

    That may be one reason why they’re hacking the big forums. They want a monopoly. Complete control of all computers probably.

    If you have forums with 1 – 10 people I doubt the hacker would go to that forum.

  3. AHH Why do they want to hack the GMC OMG Why don’t they hack a less popular site, They are the *****est person in the world!! If GMC gets closed down again I am going ******* shoot the person who is doing this(not relly i’m just relly mad please forgive me)

  4. Obviously this person is being payed to send these trojans out. Luckily I didn’t visit GMC today on my dad’s lappy.

    GMC will obviously have to be closed down, and updated. All I can reccomend people that are infected is that they should use AVG to get rid of it.

  5. (EDIT TO ABOVE) Oops, didn’t notice it was GMG. Oh well, GMC should still be updated.

  6. Its been happening on loads of site check http://www.gizmondoforums.com

  7. Why he hacks, he not only hacks he spams for adverts. And he makes money off it.
    Also, he dose not “hate Game Maker” he hacks all kinds of forums, it is just the fact that the GMC is big, it is unsecure, and an easy target. That is why, I know other admins that have been hacked by the same guy, it is not just Game Maker Forums. It is all of them

    Here is some more info I know, and I can back up with lists of ip’s, emails, names, and others that have been hacked. He even went for my own forum. But I found him before he could do anything, and my forum has more security for its users…

    I would like to add my input, here I know who is the hacker and I have lists of his ip’s and emails used. He even tryed to hack my Game Maker Forum. But he did not get far because of the fact that I have higher level security.

    I have talked with other forums that have also been hacked and this person is known to use this hack and spam. All over the world.
    Also, I know that he has Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.0)
    I know other facts about this guy to, he is from Russia and if my sorces are right his real name is Ben.

    I have lists of ip’s and emails used, did not post them due to the fact that they are so long. Most of the email will end with @mail.ru but he has other accounts and uses a proxy. He goes by names from what I have seen his names were
    Lusis Backwood
    At leat most of the time he will go by one of those names. He gets paid by advert companys and most of the time he spams. I don’t know for a fact if it is just one hacker, it could be a group.

    My site is at:

  8. “it is not just Game Maker Forums. It is all of them” qoute by me
    Just to clear thing up what I mean was he was hacking all the forums that are unsecure, not just ones about Game Maker.

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