Secret Project Beta Release

For those of you who requested to participate in the Secret Project #2 beta, you will receive an email sometime within the next 24 hours detailing your roll as a beta tester, and a link to a website I setup last night explaining how to use / install the secret project etc.

I know I havn't really said much about the beta to you guys, so hopefully you check out this news site to see whats going on.

This post is also just to inform the public that the Secret Project 2 should be readily available for public usage quite soon, so its something to look forward too as it is a must needed tool for any GM user, particularly people who frequent the Game Maker Community Forums.


2 Responses

  1. How did people request?

  2. A long time ago.. they emailed me or PMed me at the GMC… I guess people don’t pay that much attention as instructions for request were (and might still be?) in my sig at the GMC. they were also posted as an article here before, and my name on MSN was advertising it.

    I did get about 20 requests, but only accepted the first 10, plus 2 alpha testers. 1 Beta tester dropped out though before trying the project.

    I have released the beta (sent the email a few hours ago).. I got some positive feedback, seems like they are enjoying it. Should be useful to them anyway.

    Hope you guys like it too 🙂

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