GMC Returns

After a few days of the forum being closed down due to hackings, it is now back online once again :). Information about the virus(es) you may have obtained during the hacking have been posted to make the removal process easier with convinience.

One issue though, the board is still using the same version of IPB known for exploits; they may have fixed one of them, but lets not to say there are still others that may make the the forums vulnerable once again in the future.

So far everything seems to be working smoothly, of course most of the forums havn't been posted in for a while as it has just come back online,  but that will change after the thousands of members check today and hope for the return of the forum.


16 Responses

  1. Not good!

    I hope they backed up the loggs. If so we could still find this hacker.

  2. They’re not smart enough to back up the logs.

    We now have no way to find who the hacker is, thank you Chronic 😛

  3. You knowing who the hacker is will change nothing.

  4. Excellent! Remember to change your passwords, people.


  5. So yea… does the server run on ANY MSSQL? Because on a forum I am a member of, someone has threatened to use a rootkit to access a server and exploit it. I looked it up but im unsure if it is dangerous.

  6. “I looked it up but im unsure if it is dangerous.”

    I think that the forum is vulnerable until they have patched the latest version!

    Sorry, but really, it’s very stupid the keep a old version of IPB… and more stupid it is because it has just been cracked and there are a huge list of members.

    I think that they have backuped the logs, maybe mysql too, but I’m not so sure that the guilty will be catched…

  7. Im not sure if CAMD had anything to do with this. I was talking to him online yesterday and he was quite oblivious to what has been going on.

  8. Personaly, I can’t say who did it(yet), in refence to what Chronic said:

    “You knowing who the hacker is will change nothing.”

    What do you mean it will change nothing? TST has jailed quite afew people for Cyber Crimes, and we can do the same for whoever did this to the GMC. How will knowing who did it change nothing? Please clue me in…

  9. So atlast its back!

    I hope the hacker is tracked down soon.

    SleeK GeeK.

  10. i doubt CAMd had anything to do wiht this, but if you really suspect him, talk to him, or his father; SleepinJohnyFish

  11. I don’t think anyone suspects CAMD, nor did I ever, I did however at one point feel like he didn’t take appropriate measures after realizing someone had hacked the forum and he had found the account etc.

    However I do realize now that it was already banned when he logged in, and there was no need to report anything. So I think CAMD, just ended up being in the wrong place at the wrong time if you know what I’m saying.

  12. I have never thought CAMD would do anythin like that, SJF on the other hand has been rebelling on the GMC, and if I remember correctly SJF said: “I have programs designed to take down forums, I have people rallying behind me, and I have the experience I need to make the people that hold me back wish they had never met me.” Yet if anything, we would of broke into the GMC then banned EricDB.

  13. CAMD, SJF, OR ANYONE ELSE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE HACKING!! Between you and me, I think it may be Smarty! SHE/HE HAS BEEN BEHIND EVERYTHING ALL ALONG! I know this becuse smarty was banned for bi**ing around, so she/he hacked gmc.

  14. What? I doubt that had anything to do with it, could you please explain???
    For the record, I was not saying SJF was the one that cracked it, his methods for taking something like that out are different.

  15. “AR SAYS BITCH!”… Please realize. The correct form of “bitch” has five letters, not four with an “ing” added onto it. Please do not yell in the hallway. 😛

  16. I think AR SAYS BITCH may be on to something:

    I doubt it though

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