Stuff And Bad Stuff.

Well there are a couple of announcements and news items to post today. Instead of writing 4 articles, I'll just put them in one.

1) Some forum modifications have been made today; the Game Maker Community forums were down for approximately a couple of hours earlier today. The modifications may have been to fix the server load problem, as it was reaching up to a massive 3.7 and has now been fixed, and reads an average about ~0.7

2) Users spamming GMC with viruses!!!

Please see this topic:

If you get an email, or PM saying

We offer you to take a part in our new tournament.
Just register in the application below:

<virus url>

Do NOT open it, delete it immediately.

 Details on the virus email can be found here!

 Edit: According to recent information, the email was sent via the GMC control panel! This means a cracker must have access to an administrator account. Please stay tuned for details.

3) Scorptek has (I have) released a LIB manager for GM. You can view the topic here:

Currently allows you to install, remove and manage your lib files with the click of a button. Simply install a lib by pressing the install button, selecting the lib to install and confirming installation. As simple as that! No need to find your GM directory, it'll do this for you. Un-installation of libs is even simpler, simply click the uninstall lib and select the lib from a list. Other features include automatic backup of deleted libs, protection against deleting libs used by Game Maker itself (ie Mark's libs), and a fille lister with an automatic refresher, so it is a live preview of the libs installed on your Game Maker 6.

4) GMC Live! Beta, a project previously released has been removed by request by an Administrator of the GMC, in the event it was contributing to the serverload (which it wasn't, but this was a simple precaution).

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  1. The high server load was due to other things Mark was doing on the server.

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